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About Us

Small Changes was established with the ethos of doing small changes that lead to big differences. The ethos has enabled Small Changes to develop a multitude of social development programs whilst spreading social awareness campaigns on social issues throughout the years.

Today, we aim to establish a solid foundation centralising our youth volunteer community in providing an empowerment platform, hankering education and community development as our focus areas. It is fundamental for the youth, who will be the linchpin of the nation’s progress and leaders of the future, to delve and involve themselves in the social building process and understand their roles in the frame of nation building.

We construct the framework of Small Changes such that we direct our resources in undertaking high impact programs, prioritising ‘them before us’ in delivering our actions. We cordially invite you to embark on this journey of making small yet meaningful and positive changes for a better Malaysia.

2021 Projects

Seeds of Deeds 2021

What started off as a motivational camp has now morphed into an empowerment camp serving beneficiaries, mainly students, in underprivileged communities. With English as the main medium of communication, Seeds of Deeds (“SOD”) aims to tackle the issue of education inequity; as such, our selection of schools are based on suggestions from education departments at both state and municipal levels, as well as recent reports from the Department of Statistics Malaysia and the Ministry of Education Malaysia. We have successfully executed SOD projects consistently over the past 6 years due to the fact that there is still a need to reach out to targeted communities. As of 2019, 69% of schools in Malaysia are located in rural areas, many of which lack sufficient access to educational resources. Our SOD projects also continue to thrive with the help of motivated volunteers, who have been exposed to experiences that we deem to be valuable in the development of Malaysian human capital. In 2021, we hope to continue empowering underserved communities who remain deprived of the much needed opportunities that they deserve.

Through Seeds of Deeds, students will be exposed to various focused modules, which will not only bolster their knowledge but also allow them to hone skills that would mould them into holistic individuals capable of facing the new, exigent millennial world.

We plan to inculcate elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI) which include self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, intrinsic motivation and social skills because we believe that having EI opens gateways to powerful learning and is an important stepping stone to success.

Beanstalk Project 2021

Project Beanstalk holds onto the adage of education empowerment, whereby it mainly serves orphans in Malaysia. Beanstalk’s modules are primarily created to expose them to the importance of education and communication through English. We envision Beanstalk to be a platform for current and future beneficiaries to feel comfortable communicating in English without the fear of judgment. Beanstalk also has the capacity to become a training ground for orphans to apply what they have learned in school when it comes to English communication. Through it, we would like to reduce communication barriers that may exist amongst our beneficiaries. In the future, we hope to expand Project Beanstalk to become a platform that accommodates more than communication through English but other learning themes as well i.e. technology, computer information and financial literacy.

Aspire to Inspire 2021

In line with our value of empowering communities through education, Project Aspire to Inspire (ATI), focuses on a specific subset of the Malaysian demographic. Our past ATI projects were mainly focused on Orang Asli communities in states such as Johor and Pahang. Moving forward, carrying the same empowerment banner, we see a need to work together with refugee communities, who make up 0.5% of Malaysia’s population. Keeping in mind that continuous development is crucial, particularly for toddlers and adolescents, ATI has the capacity to provide aid in terms of learning. Our learning modules are curated according to the specific needs of the target community. In the long run, ATI also has the potential to bridge Malaysians and refugees, especially in the process of raising awareness.

Looking through a magnifying glass, the main goal of ATI: Refugee Edition is to empower the refugee children and youths through education. We plan to conduct the project for a period of three months. In ATI: Refugee Edition, Small Changes will be collaborating with a chosen refugee centre within the Klang Valley area, to conduct biweekly programmes to further enhance these youths’ harmony, capabilities and independence in society.

Our Beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries for 2021 are underprivileged youth in rural area, refugees and orphans.