"Let's support Dzul and Azran in their 1st breakthrough 100km ultra trail run at Janda Baik Ultra in September 2019. As both are proud dads with autistic child, they have experienced the struggles- physically, emotionally and financially; which are the same circumstances faced by other parents with autistic child. They are dedicating the 100km Run For Autism; to symbolize the pain, the determination and the celebration milestones by all the parents (especially the underprivileged) with autistic child out there." - Mohd Dzulkaedah

"Missed opportunities and the story of my life. Growing up, I took my education for granted as I dedicated much of my time and effort into other adverse avenues. Unfortunately for me, these poor decisions led to severe repercussions later in life as my career plateaued early and I grew envious of my peers’ success stories and lifestyles. There were many regrets and questions of “what-ifs” but I was never going to turn back time. It was then that I decided to give back to the community. As a fitness enthusiast, I wanted to synergize my passion for running with my mission of ensuring all underprivileged children had access to proper education. " - Wooi Keat

"My better half & I will be realising my dream of reaching the summit of Mt. Kinabalu on March 13, 2019; to mark a milestone in our life as we turn the big five-o this year. To make this event more meaningful & memorable, we have pledged to raise funds towards Persatuan Kebajikan Pergerakan Adil (PKPA) - an NGO I have had the pleasure to work with on numerous occasions. Targeting the hardcore poor in the eastern region of Peninsular Malaysia, this time around we aim to give towards a cause that is close to our hearts - children & education. Your contribution is very much appreciated & from the bottom our hearts, a big thank you. God bless & love always." - Natasha Lee

"Nearly 40 years ago, Fred Hollows saved my father’s eye and gave him back his sight. In memory of my father and that incredible gift, I will be running the 2019 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon on the 15th of September – 42.2kms, accomplished in 50,000 strides to bring eye care to 50,000 adults and children across Africa. Help me give sight with every stride." - Dr Mo Dirani

"At Ideas Academy, we strongly believe that education is an empowering force and it is our mission to embody this belief. Having engaged with students from all walks of life, we see the same burning desire to succeed in all of them. Although there is a degree of fear and apprehension amongst those who have experienced loss of loved ones, we take it in our stride to encourage them whilst instilling lots of positivity. Afterall, the only thing more powerful than fear is hope. A hope for something better, that is well within their grasp." - Dr Sally Hirsch

""Giving Back With Music" is an annual social project initiated by my 13 year old daughter Isabelle Sisoski and I with the aim of partnering with my music students and other children and their parents to benefit and enrich the children of HOJ who have in the course of their young lives gone through so much pain and suffering either through abuse, neglect, abandonment, family tragedies or death of their parents. We are appealing to your generosity to help the children of HOJ through your kind donation to help fund the purchase of musical instruments: 1 keyboard, 2 guitars, 2 ukuleles, 2 microphone, 1 basic drum set and a speaker set. Volunteer music teachers will be arranged to teach the children of HOJ once musical instruments are purchased. This would help bring some measure of comfort, emotional support and enrichment to the children of HOJ who have gone through so much unbelievable pain and trauma at such young age." - Isabelle Sisoski

"I would like to share the opening of my story with this quote, “The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step” - Lao Tzu. My name is Samantha Lee. I grew up in a small town called Teluk Intan with 2 of my siblings. As a child, I always love the outdoors. I was fortunate that my parents taught me how to cycle at the age of 4. Ever since, I never stopped. I remembered my little brother would race around the neighborhood with me. When we were tired, we would rest in the playground. Fast forward, I am finally taking my first step to realizing my dreams. I am setting off on a Round-Malaysia cycling adventure covering over 5000km within 35 days. My journey begins 29 January 2019." - Samantha Lee

"Hi, I am Chloe and I am 9 years old. I am doing a project about "making a more beautiful world'' to fundraise for a charity. I chose ANGSANAcare because ANGSANAcare provides services and advocates that children with life limiting or life threatening diseases. ANGSANAcare provides play, art and music therapy to these children with the aim of facilitating enjoyment and peace in their last days. Studies prove that these therapies not only allow children to express themselves more freely, but also successfully aids in the reduction of physical pain. Don't you think that these people should live the best life in the short amount of time ? Well I think so and I hope you think the same. Why don't you do something to help by donating some money even though it doesn't matter how much you donate." - Chloe Tai

"Did you know that 1 in 68 new-borns worldwide faces the risk of autism? The Malaysian Department of Statistics recorded 508,700 births in 2017 which equate to approximately 7,500 of them being at risk. This neurological disorder is also found to be 4 times more prevalent in boys than girls. Look, these statistics were trivial to me a year ago, but my worldview has changed significantly since. It initially started out as a project where my classmates and I were tasked at raising awareness on autism in Malaysia. As we delved deeper, we discovered an information gap in the public space. Most people were uninformed and those who did merely scratch the surface." - Munirah Johari

"My father always told us, “Think about others, not just yourself. When we give, we receive one way or another”. It was he who inspired me to help others. Few years ago, I read and heard about donating one’s birthday. I admired what they did but thought it was only possible for celebrities or influencers. It was my dream for many years. Last year, I went to Pit Stop Community Cafe in KL where my son was having a school project. I joined him and his friend to volunteer at Pit Stop and it was an eye-opener as I witnessed first-hand, the severity of the homeless and impoverished in Kuala Lumpur. Pit Stop is doing such an amazing work but goes relatively unnoticed." - Koh Saw Leng

"As an avid sportsman, I strongly believe in the spirit of competition and the necessity to continuously improve. As Eliud Kipchoge once said, “No human is limited”. I was very eager to embody Eliud’s mindset as I contested in many marathons over a short period of time. Training and racing became a permanent fixture in my schedule to the extend that I ignored the obvious signs of over-exertion. Then it finally happened; I suffered a torn ligament injury. Due to the severity of the injury, I required surgery, if I ever wanted to move freely again. The operation was a complete success, but the post recovery period thereafter was some of the darkest times of my life." - Jeff Lau

"Hi...I'm Rina. I did think about being bald, but never really want to do it. I'm used to my hair and it's been apart of who I am now, till a friend said why not raise a charity while doing so. So, it thought yeah... why not! It gives me a bigger reason to do it. I have all the help I need for this campaign from friends that support me. All donations will go straight to Indonesia Medika Foundation who have helped lots of unfortunate people and children with chronic illnesses, like cancer, HIV/AIDS and many more. They are also doing medical research to find a better cure for those illnesses in the future. Let's support their work by donating or a sharing this campaign.." - Rina

"For my birthday in August, I’m planning to raise funds to help educate the kids in Malaysia’s Indigenous (Orang Asli) community. A large number of Indigenous children in Peninsular Malaysia do not have access to pre-school education. This means that by the time they enter primary school, a lot of them may not have the basic reading, mathematic and writing skills and end up dropping out of school when they fail to catch up with their peers. Only 6 out of 100 Indigenous children who enter primary school end up graduating from high school. This puts them and their communities in a vicious cycle of poverty and struggle." - Neryssa Azlan

"My name is Peter Yoong and I am an avid cyclist. I am currently planning a 2-year (Dec 2017 - Nov 2019) solo cycling tour around the world. As part of this trip, I will be raising funds for World Vision Malaysia and would like to seek your kind consideration in partnering with me by making a donation. All tour expenses will be self-funded so all donations will be directed to World Vision Malaysia. Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, I am a husband and proud father of three who has been passionate about cycling all my life. Now that my sons have grown up, I want to realise my dream of completing a cycling trip around the world. A short write-up on my cycling experience can be found in the article in the gallery below. I will be travelling by bicycle through many countries, starting and ending in Malaysia; passing through Asia, Europe and North America. I will be stopping at key destinations along the way to give presentations about my trip and World Vision Malaysia." - Peter Yoong