For every RM 5 donation, I will jump rope for 50x! Challenging myself to make a difference. Please support me by donating <3

My Story

Hi! I am Izureen, I am here to give back to society. Currently, I am volunteering with Small Changes to empower underprivileged children to gain access to English education. I am dedicating this cause to fundraise for Small Changes Malaysia's empowerment projects, named PBxSoA (Project Beanstalk x School of Asal) which ultimately benefit the beneficiaries. Our main goals are:-
  • Emphasize equal education accessible to every child especially the Orang Asal (indigenous community).
  • Bridge the gap between of education disparities that exist between Malaysian children and the Orang Asal community.
  • Empower Orang Asal children through a series of planned activities that are focused on educating them, also enrich their English communication skills. 
There are 50 total beneficiaries, ranging in age from 7 to 17, as well as children in orphanages.

Come, lend a hand in helping Small Changes develop the potential of children and build a better Malaysia.                                               

Recent Donors

  • James Lee

    Izureen, so pleased to meet you. Thank you so much for inspiring.

    MYR 50 08/06/2021 01:04:17 PM UTC

  • Ay Ling Liem

    Keep it up, Izureen! Proud of you. Please wear appropriate shoes when jump roping 👍

    MYR 20 08/06/2021 03:36:39 AM UTC

  • Zulaikha Mohdnoor

    MYR 10 08/02/2021 12:31:58 PM UTC

  • Bidadari Syurga

    Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan

    MYR 10 08/02/2021 08:32:36 AM UTC

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    MYR 20 08/02/2021 08:02:22 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 20 08/02/2021 05:56:28 AM UTC

  • Abdul Rahmat Omar Mohamed Haniff

    Good luck

    MYR 150 08/02/2021 04:44:48 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 15 08/01/2021 03:15:01 PM UTC

  • Dahlia Allyana

    MYR 10 08/01/2021 01:06:09 PM UTC

  • Zarifah Mohd Azam

    MYR 10 08/01/2021 12:42:32 PM UTC

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