Compared to traditional fundraising activities, SimplyGiving provides one of the lowest cost -per-dollars of fundraising and huge benefits:

  • No upfront costs to register
  • No basic membership fees
  • No long-term commitment
  • Secure access to donation & fundraising reports

Service Fee

SimplyGiving do not charge any upfront fees or subscriptions fees for our standard services. However, to maintain our technology and to enable us to continue to deliver a world-class solution, we do charge a small service fee of 5% on donations collected by your campaign (excluding any tax applicable and/or processing fee charged by the Payment Provider).

100% of the funds donated (less the fees) are transferred directly to the charity or personal fundraiser’s nominated bank account.

Our Service Fees ensures that SimplyGiving can:

  1. Continuously innovate and upgrade our technology to make fundraising and giving easy, secure, transparent and fun!
  2. Provide a dedicated relationship manager to work with our charity partners on fundraising tools and tips
  3. Multi-lingual platform (7 languages)
  4. Multi-currency payment options (17 currencies)
  5. Regular / Monthly donation collection
  6. Personalised fundraiser and donor dashboards
  7. Real-time reporting and payment confirmation receipts
  8. Corporate CSR fundraising tools
  9. Customisable events registration and merchandising pages

Payment Processing Fees

SimplyGiving provides the most competitive Credit Card Fees and widest range of payment options. We continue to introduce new donation methods to make giving easier.

Indicative Fees (as of 1st January 2020)
Available Currencies 17
Credit Card (Domestic) 2.08% + USD 0.27
Credit Card (International) 3.91% + USD 0.27
Bank Transfer (Malaysia) Minimum RM0.60 or 1.80%, whichever is higher
Grab (Malaysia) 1.50%
Touch ‘n Go (Malaysia) 1.50%

For a full Credit Card Fee breakdown, please refer to our Terms of Service.

PayPal Processing Fees
Currency Fees
Australian Dollar 2.9% + AUD 0.30 + USD 0.27
Canadian Dollar 2.9% + CAD 0.30 + USD 0.27
Euro 2.9% + EUR 0.35 + USD 0.27
Hong Kong Dollar 2.9% + HKD 2.35 + USD 0.27
Japanese Yen 2.9% + JPY 40.00 + USD 0.27
Malaysian Ringgit 2.4% + MYR 2.00 + USD 0.27
Philippine Peso 2.9% + PHP 15.00 + USD 0.27
Singapore Dollar 2.9% + SGD 0.50 + USD 0.27
New Taiwan Dollar 2.9% + TWD 10.00 + USD 0.27
Thai Baht 2.9% + THB 11.00 + USD 0.27
U.K. Pounds Sterling 2.9% + GBP 0.20 + USD 0.27
U.S. Dollar 2.9% + USD 0.57

Introducing DonorPays

SimplyGiving is proud to introduce DonorPays, an innovative feature which gives donors the power to pay the service fees for you, which the majority of donors opt to do. This will then mean that the service fee is not taken off the funds you have raised, ensuring that you will have even more money for your cause!

Update on 1 October 2019:

Service Fee for Singapore registered charities

Starting from 1 October 2019, SimplyGiving's service fee for Singapore registered charities only will be 0%. The only applicable fees for Singapore registered charities are the credit cards charges stated above.

Donors will be invited to "Tip"/add a contribution on top of their donation to help us maintain and improve our technology and help more charities in Singapore.