With every RM10 donated, we will feed the stray cats and dogs in our area (we use our own money for their food). Please support us by donating :D

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Hi everyone! We are Nur Helena and Hannah Sofea and we are fundraising for Food for Strays Society, which is one of our initiatives where with every RM10 collected, we will feed the Strays Society (mainly cats and dogs). Food for Strays Society is an effort to facilitate the Seeds of Deeds project by Small Changes MY.

So, what is Seeds of Deeds then?
It is an annual 3-day camp for 75 beneficiaries from secondary schools in Pahang, Perak, and Johor. This camp assists students of underserved communities in empowering their education and enhancing their inner potentials.

If you are interested in making education better for our youths, do contribute to this cause by donating! You will not only be helping our furry friends, but children of our own will also reap the benefits of this cause. Thank you :D

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