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Ocean Recovery Alliance Ltd

Ocean Recovery Alliance is an organization focused on bringing together new technologies, solutions, ideas and projects to help with issues that negatively impact the health of the ocean. One of the organization’s main focus areas is plastic pollution, both in regards to finding ways to clean what is already in the ocean, and inspiring ways to prevent its ecosystem impact on land. Ocean Recovery Alliance focuses on broader ocean issues and results-oriented solutions by bringing together alliances and collaborations of different resources and expertise for particular problems. in 2018, the group's founder, Douglas Woodring, was awarded the Prince's Prize for Innovative Philanthropy for his work for the ocean by Prince Albert of Monaco, (the same award was given to Paul Polman in 2019, the former CEO of Unilever).

Our recent Water Falling Festival and Water Rising Festivals in Cambodia have been a huge success, impacting over 8,500 people in less than three years, mobilizing inspiration for waterappreciation and plastic removal from their village and waters of the Tonle Sap Lake.

In 2010, Ocean Recovery Alliance announced two initiative, the Plastic Disclosure Project (, and Global Alert ( Both of these are now starting to be used by the World Bank and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) for their respective ocean programs. Plastic waste, however, is an issue which effects almost all nations and territories, and is a community and business issue which can be turned into opportunities if the focus is changed to be that of "resource management", not waste handling. The group also founded the Plasticity Forum, focused on the future of plastic and where the leaders are going with innovation, design, materials and solutions.

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