The causes we support and fundraise for are personal to every one of us. But this is something that affects all of us. Whether or not the impacts are on our doorstep. Ocean Recovery Alliance focuses on new technologies, solutions, ideas and projects to mitigate negative impacts on the health of the ocean. Something we need now more than ever.

My Story

Plastic = petroleum (unsustainability epitomised). Something we are seeing the increasingly ugly impacts of NOW, from invisible microplastics poisoning the fish we eat- yes the yoga leggings are to blame - to piling up on the beaches of the Pacific, even uninhabited islands, not to mention making up its own island(s) the size of a small continent

With only 10% of it recycled, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste makes its way to the ocean every year. While we're fighting against strong forces of cheap virgin material due to the low price of oil plus $650bn in ​oil subsidies, the costs are transferred elsewhere, with pollution costing ~USD13 bn each year (in 2014, & only set to increase) (

All of it created still exists, and basically always will. Unless burned, as in developing and developed countries alike (including Denmark, where despite their admirable renewable strategy a lot is incinerated for energy)

Plastic is only part of the problem of climate change. And yet it is relatively one of the easiest to change. More than just create awareness, Ocean Recovery Alliance makes sustainability sell, especially to the corporate culprits out there, reducing (thinner bottles) and recycling PET plastic bottles for example. 

So do donate, if you can (you won't even have to feel bitter because of my fitness/motivation levels since I will have had probably <two weeks training in total)

And at the very least let us think about our everyday actions that fuel this addiction. In summary: less synthetic stuff, more mindful consumption choices. Our responsibility as consumers and citizens.

Ciao chicos and thanks for reading

*delayed due to injury but it’s got to be done!

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