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Ocean Recovery Alliance + SwimRun/Terra14

  • 18/07/2017 - 30/06/2018
  • Hong Kong
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Target : HKD 50,000

About Event

Our Beneficiary 受惠機構:

Ocean Recovery Alliance is an organization focused on bringing together new technologies, solutions, ideas and projects to help with issues that negatively impact the health of the ocean. One of the organization’s main focus areas is plastic pollution, both in regards to finding ways to clean what is already in the ocean, and inspiring ways to prevent its ecosystem impact on land.

In 2010, Ocean Recovery Alliance announced two initiative, the Plastic Disclosure Project, and Global Alert. Both of these programs have been endorsed by the World Bank and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) for their respective ocean programs. 
Find out more: 
Plastic Disclosure:
Global Alert:

SwimRun / Run to Save the Ocean! Donate to get 2 free entries!!

Terra14 + SwimRun: Ma On Shan (中文拉下)

SwimRun – 300 races world wide – 1 world championships
1st time in HK -- Swim with your shoes on!!! Catching on all over Europe, Americas South Africa & even New Zealand with annual world series finale in Sweden, the birthplace of SwimRun. Train yourself up to be more than just a runner or more than just a swimmer. Get fit, get wet, get swim-running!

SwimRun Series:
Race#1 -- Nov 12, 2017


Show up bright and early 12th Nov at BBQ site #5 SaiKung to start the race!! Begin with an easy 1.4km warm up run to dive into a lovely 0.6km swim alongside the dam at Kei Ling Ha Hoi. Land where the flag is and make a ruckus to wake up the villagers of the Sai Keng with a short 0.5km run straight for their hidden cove. Here, challenge yourself for the longest swim of 1.4km. This swim will squeeze you between the channel of Wu Chau and the bay to reach Tseng Tau Village. Take time to refuel here before you take off for the longest run of 1.5km under shady paths next to Garden Farm Golf. When you reach Che Ha, you have to literally run around this village to get to another hidden cove! Be careful there not slip while you wade into the waters for a 0.8km swim to HK's favourite kite-flying beach: Nai Chung beach. With the kite-flyers staring, head for the home-run of 1.3km to a buffet your favourite chicken wings and ice cold soda, or.. dare we say beer?!?

SwimRun is a race where racers are 100% self sustainable: you are required to carry or wear all the gears you need: shoes, swim/tri-wear, hand paddles, whistle, safety buoys, fold-a-cup etc. No support team is allowed!! Of course, plenty of safety speedboats/kayaks and designated CP.s will have drinks & snacks. A race of 7.5km overall, there is plenty of time for this short race ending at 1300. However, for any reason, CUTOFF is at Che Ha noon 1200.

Raise a minimum of HKD 600, and get 2 free entries to the event! Top fundraisers (1M, 1F) will get a special prize each! 

In a nutshell: Run/Swim/Run/Swim/Run/Swim ( 1.4 / 0.6 / 0.5 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 0.8 / 1.3 km) 
Total 7.5km
Sai Kung BBQ #5 (Sai Sha) -》Kei Ling Ha Hoi -》Kei Ling Ha San Wan -》Sai Keng -》Tseng Tau -》Kei Ling Ha Hoi Pier -》Che Ha-》 Lai Chung Beach-》 Nin Wah Road-》Li Po Chun International School

SwimRun Story
It all started when Anders Malm, the owner of Utö Värdshus (the finish line hotel of ÖtillÖ), his friend Janne Lindberg and some of his staff (the Andersson brothers) had a late night in the bar. They challenged each other to a race of swimming between and running across islands in Sweden – “Last team of two to Sandhamn pays for hotel, dinner and drinks”! Two teams of two started the next morning with the only rule being that they had to pass the three different restaurants on the islands between the start and the finish... More than 24 hours later, they finished but wer e too tired to party!

Later, this crazy challenge became a race known as ÖtillÖ (Island to island) & today the race is internationally recognized as the Swimrun World Championship, ranked by CNN as one of the toughest races in the World! Now, TerraMar is bringing this type of race to Hong Kong

Terra 14 (Run only)
Total 14km
Sai Kung BBQ #5 (Sai Sha)-》Shui Long Wo-》Wong Chuk Yeung -》Pyramid Hill -》Luk Chau Shan -》Ma On Shan Country Trail -》 Wu Kai Sha -》 Li Po Chun International School

Special Notes:
Freestyle only. Personal buoy, cap and whistle mandatory for SwimRun racers.

More details:

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Terra14 + 泳跑: 馬鞍山




籌款金額最高的2名籌款人: 一男一女會獲得大會頒發的特別紀念品


泳跑-游泳//游泳//游泳( 1 / 1.5 / 0.5 / 1 / 2.3 / 1.5 km)

西沙路燒烤區5號場 -》企嶺下海 -》企嶺下新圍-》西徑村 -》井頭村 -》企嶺下海碼頭 -》輋下村 -》泥涌海灘 -》年華路-》香港李寶椿聯合世界書院

Terra 14
西沙路燒烤區5號場 -》水浪窩 -》黃竹洋 -》大金鐘 -》馬鞍山郊遊徑 -》鹿巢山 -》烏溪沙 -》香港李寶椿聯合世界書院

只允許自由式。 泳跑參加者必須備有個人浮標, 泳帽及哨子。