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Act Local To Solve Global Plastic Pollution

  • 02/10/2016 - 15/01/2017
  • Hong Kong
HKD 2,480
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Target : HKD 60,000

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The marine "lap sap" (floating trash) problem in Hong Kong and Asia has been gaining much media attention recently, with no apparent wide ranging solutions. The public is concerned and aware about the scale of the problem, and many beach and underwater clean-ups have been organized by private groups and the government to help remove some of the trash. Now we have a solution that can engage the community and relevant stakeholders who can “See – Share – Solve” to help reduce the growing problem of increased plastic pollution of our waterways and ocean. 

Ocean Recovery Alliance has created the Global Alert platform, an innovative online tool that increases interaction and connectivity to the problem by allowing users to report, rate and map trash hot-spots in their waterways and coastlines via mobile devices and a web-based platform. The information collected is extremely important in broadening awareness, aggregating information flow, and inspiring solutions to reduce plastic waste flowing from our rivers and streams into the ocean. More info here:

“見證,分享,解決” 一起改變

香港和亞洲的『海洋垃圾』問題最近受到媒體越來越多的關注,可惜並未有明顯廣泛的解決方案。公眾對此問題的規模十分關注及了解問題的嚴重性,許多私人團體和政府部門現已進行海灘和海底清潔工作,幫助清除部分海洋垃圾。現在,我們有一個可以讓社區和各相關者參與的解決方案,他們可以透過“見證,分享,解決”幫助紓緩日益嚴重的水道和海洋塑料污染的問題。海洋復原聯盟創發了 Global Alert,一個創新的在線平台,通過讓用戶透過移動設備和網絡平台報告、評估和定位位於水道和海岸線的垃圾熱點,以增加就海洋污染問題的互動和聯繫。 Global Alert 所收集到的信息極大有助擴大對海洋污染的關注、匯集信息和啟發解決方案,藉以減少塑料廢物從河流和溪流流入海洋。

請即登入 獲取更多訊息。

We need your help to so that we can translate the Global Alert app ( into a traditional Chinese app platform and the related promotional activities to promote it to the Chinese community.  We need your support to raise HK$60,000 (US$7,690) to accomplish this, and we hope you can be involved! The information collected on Global Alert is vital towards being able to quantify the magnitude and nature of the "lap sap" problem, in order for the government and the local public to make informed decisions on how best to address the issue. Having the app in a Traditional Chinese platform will greatly help to educate and extend the reach of this cause among the local Chinese speaking community in Hong Kong.

我們需要您的幫助,以便我們可以將 Global Alert 翻譯成繁體中文和進行相關的推廣宣傳活動,藉以將其推廣到華人社區。我們希望您能夠幫助籌集60, 000港元(7,690美金)來完成這項工作,也希望您能直接參與我們的籌備工作。透過Global Alert 收集到的資訊對於能夠量化海洋垃圾問題的嚴重性和性質至關重要,以便政府和本地公眾就如何最有效地解決這個問題作出明智決定。建立繁體中文的平台, 有助教育香港的社區海洋垃圾問題的嚴重性。

So that those locations can be geotagged for future cleanup dives in order to remove the material from the dive sites. This can be replicated with any dive communities in the world as well. You just need to start using Global Alert to put the data, images and location on the map, and then plan for future cleanup and removal dives.

For every extra HK$60,000 we are able to raise, we will be able to translate the Global Alert app into another language, so your support can help expand the use of this platform to many communities within Asia and around the world.

香地的潛水愛好者將會是這個中文版本的首批使用者之一。他們可協助拍攝被困在礁石或海底的漁網和垃圾,然後標示這些位置,好讓將來的潛水清潔活動能有效地從巳標示的地點中清理垃圾。這也可以應用到世界上任何潛水社區。只需要使用 Global Alert 把數據、圖像和位置在上載到地圖上,然後計劃未來的潛水清潔活動。

每額外籌集的6萬港元,我們都可以將 Global Alert 翻譯成另一種語言,因此您的支持可以幫忙將這個平台擴展到亞洲和世界各地的許多社區。

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