I will be rowing a 45 KM distance on an erg to raise funds. Will you help me?

My Story

My name is Erden Eruç. I am an accomplished ocean rower with 15 Guinness World Records registered to my name and recognized as the first one to have rowed the three major oceans. I completed the first solo circumnavigation by human power between 2007-2012. While plying the waters of the world's oceans in a rowboat and beach walking or sea kayaking the shores of land masses, I witnessed a great deal of plastic pollution. 

I want to help address said pollution. On Tuesday, November 27th, I worked hard on a stationary rowing erg at CrossFit Gig Harbor to register 45 km total, a distance equivalent of a row around Hong Kong Island.  My total time was 3:19:50 with a 5 minute break at 15 km mark. I am hoping that with this sweat equity, I will be able to encourage my friends and connections to contribute to Ocean Recovery Alliance.

Around The Island Race (ATIR 2018) is an actual race which took place on December 2 among rowboats which followed a course around the island of Hong Kong. The course length was 45 km. (

Global Erg Challenge ( is the 45 km virtual challenge organized as a fundraiser by Ocean Recovery Alliance. I signed up as a solo. All racing would take place on one (1) rowing machine (or adaptive paddle machine) per team, with participants rotating on that machine in order to cover 45 km of distance in the fastest time. Participants logged in to the KinoMap App in order to synchronize their machine with the app, for a verified, time-stamped race result before Nov 28. Then on Dec 2, the world watched a virtual race take place over the web, pitting the erg performances to those of the actual rowboats.

Proceeds of funds raised will be used to help expand the outreach, education and engagement of their Global Alert App, which allows people to report trash hotspots anywhere in the world’s waters or coastlines. This allows stakeholders in watersheds around the world to better manage and prevent trash from impacting their communities and environment. The app is currently in English and Spanish. We hope that some teams will be able to become ambassadors for the Global Alert App in their communities, and to help engage government, NGO, university or business stakeholders in the focus on plastic pollution reduction and impact in our waters.

Please download their Global Alert App on your smart phone to report pollution sites in our waters, beaches and waterfronts in need of cleaning; you will be empowered to make this a better world. Introductory videos explaining the cause are below.

Now, that was a long time on an erg; I thought I would lose my mind!
I am grateful that CrossFit Gig Harbor offered me their facilities... 

This is a worthy cause. 
Please take a look.

Short introduction video:
Actual race day streaming video:

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