Fundraising Event


  • 15/05/2021 - 31/12/2021
  • Malaysia
MYR 14,931
49% Complete
Target : MYR 30,000

About Event

Childline Foundation believes in Encouraging, Enabling and Empowering children/teenagers to be proactive, responsible and contributing citizens in their community. 

This is a fundraising initiative kick-started BY CHILDREN FOR CHILDREN. It involves children's and youth's (and also supportive adults) active participation in raising funds for other children (and their families) in need of healing therapy services and psycho-social, emotional support. We will be focusing on providing this much needed support and help to children and families from the B40 and vulnerable community groups. 

How funds raised will be utilised

Funds raised would be utilised to provide therapy and psycho-social support services to children and their families. We will also utilise the funds for our multi-disciplinary Covid-19 Child Support Team to help provide mental health support to children who have been left home alone because parents have been hospitalised. And in some cases these children have lost one or even both parents to Covid-19 infection.

With this fundraising project, we hope to be able to provide the much needed healing therapy services and mental-emotional wellbeing support for children (and in some cases, involving their parents/families as well). 

So put on your creativity cap and let the fundraising ideas juice start flowing! You can do anything to fundraise for children in need. :) Why not get your family, friends or colleagues involved and fundraise as a team! Make it something fun and creative for you guys to do together. 

Do write to our Fundraising Manager, Jeannie, at [email protected] as she'll be happy to send you helpful fundraising tips you can use for your fundraising journey

You could do anything to fundraise - Run, Walk, Bake, Give up carbs or meat for a month, etc. Do something fun or creative (from the comfort and safety of your own home) to raise funds for children in need.

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Be our FUNDRAISING SUPERHERO for children in need of a better future.

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Please ensure all SOPs are followed during the Covid-19 FMCO period. Childline Foundation will not be held responsible for any breach of SOPs on the part of the fundraisers. If you need any clarification, please do connect with us? We do appreciate your participation to fundraise for our cause, however your safety and others safety during this pandemic times, is of utmost priority. Be creative and do something you could do from the safety of your home. :)