Incredible Hearts aspire towards life-long learning, change and development to nurture incredible hearts that will work together and make the world a better place. For the next few months, we will campaign alongside Childline Foundation to raise funds to provide healing therapy services and psycho-social, emotional support to children and families from the B40 Community.

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Childline Foundation will utilize the funds to provide children and family mental health therapy sessions by professionals in the field. They targeted beneficiaries are those whose mental health have been neglected due to social taboos and other restrictions.

This time round in exchange for your donation, our team members will carry out a challenge individually or together as a team.
We hope to raise RM 3,000 in the next 30 days and invite you to join in our journey. The challenges once taken will be uploaded in our social media for you and our followers. This is for us to reach out to a wider audience and collect as many donations as possible. We hope that this might also be an edutainment during this difficult time to show that your donations matters to us. You can also check and balance if we are doing it right.

Each of our team members have a challenge they will carry out for the all one-time donation as there are a total of five members. Once reaching a milestone, the milestone challenge will be carried out by one representative team member or the whole team. You can find the list of all the challenges in the following graphics.

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