Youths After Midnight is a group of youth who are very passionate about child rights, child participation and child online protection! We are a group of ex-PJ Child Council members (we're too old now to be considered children *cries in old* . However this did not stop us from continuing to do what we do through this youth movement. We coordinate closely with Childline Foundation and the Petaling Jaya Child Council to get Petaling Jaya to be the first child-friendly city in Malaysia.

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The Youths After Midnight team is FUNdraising!
The project is called the Challenge Jar. The concept of which is very simple.

For every RM500 donations accumulated, our team will choose a randomised challenge which has been written down and put in and selected by us. These challenges are decided by our friend (the internet) as well as the team. (e.g. eat a raw chili, dye our hair blue, etc.)
If you were to donate RM200 and above by yourself, you can add your own challenge into the jar for us to pick eventually, by mentioning it in your message during the donation process
.This whole journey will be recorded and posted on our social media accounts to allow you to join us on this adventure and entertain you hehehe!

The cause we are fundraising for is the Superheroes for Children project carried out by Childline Foundation where funds accumulated will be used to bring professionals in to provide mental health therapy sessions  for children who do not have the opportunity to access this therapy sessions on their own. Our target group is the B40 communities' children who often neglect their mental health due to the social taboos regarding mental health. Therefore, your kind contribution will not only bring you entertainment through our challenges but bring about a positive change to those who are less fortunate!
Sooo, start donating everyone!! For more information regarding the Superheroes for Children project by Childline Foundation, simply click on the following link .

You can see our progress in the YouTube channel down below:

Recent Donors

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    IDR 50,000 09/24/2021 02:44:03 PM UTC

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    MYR 500 06/17/2021 09:18:06 AM UTC

  • Dato Sri Daniel Lim Hock Sing

    MYR 1,000 06/13/2021 06:09:10 AM UTC

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    MYR 150 06/12/2021 12:07:59 PM UTC

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    MYR 101 06/12/2021 10:40:51 AM UTC

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    MYR 150 06/12/2021 08:12:37 AM UTC

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    MYR 200 06/12/2021 07:45:42 AM UTC

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    MYR 100 06/12/2021 06:57:15 AM UTC

  • Edwin Liew

    Wish you all the very best!

    MYR 100 06/12/2021 06:35:35 AM UTC

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    MYR 500 06/12/2021 05:17:53 AM UTC

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