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We are 4 close friends who have gone through the ups and downs of life, and have always been MAD about making lives better for children as Child Advocates in Malaysia, and as Mama, Opah, Omma and Tok Mama. Our latest adventure (as Mamas After Dawn (M.A.D.) fundraising team) is to raise funds to support a wonderful cause by Childline Foundation to provide children in B40 communities to have access to psycho-social mental health support and therapies to help them cope with the trauma of child abuse, neglect as well as the impact of Covid-19 in their lives.

Each of us have diverse passions and talents (some recently discovered!). So during this lockdown (FMCO), here's what each of us will do to help reach our RM6000 team funding target!

Aunty Wong: 
"For every accumulative RM500 raised (RM500, RM1000, RM1500, RM2000....) I will create and give away a Plant Starter Kit (homegrown plants @ SS3 Creative Hub) to a children's home; when it is allowed to do so after lockdown."

"Discovered my new found talent! Painting! Money collected from the sale of my paintings will be donated to this fundraising campaign." (You can see Jay's painting pieces in the Gallery section below)

Thanks very much for your kind and generous donations! Every bit counts and together, let's create a bigger impact during this challenging times, especially for vulnerable children in our community.

Recent Donors

  • Jameyah Sheriff

    Thank you Showme Kids School and Puan Anisa Ahmad for the donation.

    MYR 620 07/28/2021 02:33:41 AM UTC

  • Letty Sim

    Thank you for helping the children

    MYR 200 07/08/2021 01:48:55 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 15 07/08/2021 11:33:58 AM UTC


    MYR 75 07/07/2021 08:22:12 AM UTC

  • Umei Nawaz

    Love ❤️ Our Future Generation

    MYR 150 07/07/2021 01:32:32 AM UTC

  • Jameyah Sheriff

    Thank you Showme Kids School for donating your webinar program on Early Chilhood Program for this proejct...We hope this donation will benefit more children around Malaysia.

    MYR 1,100 06/29/2021 05:20:01 AM UTC

  • Zubaidah Jamil

    MYR 300 06/20/2021 03:41:01 AM UTC

  • Play Unlimited PLT Play Advocate

    During this MCO we hope this helps towards getting children the socio emotional suppoet they need to handle their problems

    MYR 150 06/16/2021 05:54:41 AM UTC

  • Jameyah Sheriff

    All the best all

    MYR 75 06/16/2021 04:19:29 AM UTC

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