We are four teenagers who wants to preserve child rights, child participation and prevent online abuse. Please support us by donating!

My Story

We realize many had faced hardships especially financial and mental wise during this covid-19 pandemic. According to UNICEF, 266 cases of suicides and deaths are reported between 18th March to 30th October 2020, in which 1 out of 4 of those cases are teenagers aged between 15 and 18. Hence, we want to try our best to help and provide psychological support to the B40 children and families.

Our Challenge:
Zoey: Every RM50, I'll jump ropes 100 times. 
Shi Hui: Every RM10, I'll run 1km.
Poh Yuan: Every RM50, I'll sing a song that you request and record it to send to you.
Dheva: Every RM10, I'll show my fishing adventures to you.

How funds raised will be utilised

Funds raised would be utilised to provide therapy and psycho-social support services to children and their families. We will also utilise the funds for our multi-disciplinary Covid-19 Child Support Team to help provide mental health support to children who have been left home alone because parents have been hospitalised. And in some cases, these children have lost one or even both parents to Covid-19 infection.

For every RM100, 2 therapy sessions will be provided!


This is a fundraising initiative kick-started BY CHILDREN FOR CHILDREN. It involves children's and youth's (and also supportive adults) active participation in raising funds for other children (and their families) in need of healing therapy services and psycho-social, emotional support.
For more information, do check out this website:

Recent Donors

  • Jeannie

    Amazing and creative fundraising challenges, guys. All the best and thank you for making a difference for children and families in need!

    MYR 50 10/22/2021 01:55:59 PM UTC

Team Members

Poh Yuan Chew

Raised : MYR 80

Zoey Liew

Raised : MYR 310

Dheva k

Raised : MYR 30


Raised : MYR 280

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