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Donate school bags and tracksuits to students in Nepal 2019

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We did it again!!!

Donors like you help make this project possible. With your help, we had delivered school supplies to children and educational games and equipment to the school.  

On behalf of everyone at Ram Chandra Basic School, especially the students, thank you for your compassion and support.


我们代表Ramchandra和Sundary Keurani學校的所有人,特別是學生們,感謝您的爱心和支持。

Project Report 捐款报告



Project Background

Last year, we have been fortunate enough to have hundreds of people to support and donate for our school project.

By journeying together, we have managed to enrich 243 students of Sundary Keurani Higher Secondary School at Gerkhu, Nuwakot. ( Link to last year's fundraiser - )

For students, this means walking to school is easier and they go to school confidently with clean and smart school uniforms. 

For 2019 school year, Sundary Keurani’s headmaster needs 22 more sets of school bags and tracksuits for new students. We would like to raise funds to buy these items for them and for another school called Ramchandra Basic School.


When my project partner Bishwas and I were in the village, we discovered Ramchandra Basic School (see photos) located about two kilometres away from Sundary Keuranil.

Ramchandra Basic School tucks away in a remote area, the school is not able to provide the most basic resources for their students.

The students are lacking basic school supplies such as school bags, uniforms, and stationery.  

Ramchandra Basic School is teaching nursery through eighth grade. There are two classroom buildings for 203 students.

There is a new two-storey building built with the earthquake compensation fund received from the Nepal government. Another building is a classroom constructed with tin and wood.

The current school uniforms and stationery were donated by some foreigners a few years ago.  

The school headmaster Suniz Niru Lawat is a dedicated teacher who strives to provide the best education to his students despite teaching with limited resources.    

Suniz has been looking for people to sponsor new tracksuits and new school bags for his students as they wear the same uniform six days a week.  

He hopes with an extra set of uniform and a school bag for every student, they will be motivated to go to school during summer and winter. The current school uniforms are not suitable for winter.


The main problem is that the majority of the students are members of the lowest caste known as the untouchables or Dalits. 

Dalit refers to a group of people who are religiously, culturally, socially, economically and historically oppressed. They distinguish from their last names - Tamang, Gurung, and Ghale to name a few. 

Nepal’s caste system, similar to that of India, is an archaic (and technically abolished, but still observed) form of social stratification.

There are four principal castes: the highest is Brahmin, then Chhetri, the Royal Families caste, then Baise, and finally Sudra, the lowest caste colloquially known as the "untouchables".

It is a complex system where your status and a large part of your identity are predetermined.

Born into the lowest caste, these students’ parents are facing two main problems familiar to those belonging to the lower caste in Nepal: Discrimination that bars them from many forms of employment and high indebtedness.

The monthly household income for each Dalit student is around NPR 10,000 (RM376) and live hand-to-mouth.

Their parents do caste-based jobs such as cleaners, cobblers, tailors, seamstress, butcher, and different laborious jobs.

The indebtedness level among Dalit households is very high in Nepal. The employers are the most important source of credits for Dalit households.

For the credit, the Dalits have to give extra-labour services to the employer, in addition to the payment of loan with interest.  

For Dalit parents, getting their children basic school supplies are out of the question.

Education breeds opportunity and the ability to earn higher wages, have healthier families and become active members of society.

Your donation gives students a chance to go to school, thus, paving a path out of poverty for them.

We hope for a world in which all children can pursue their right to education and we invite you to join us in making that vision a reality.


For just USD 20, every student will receive a brand new school bag, a tracksuit, and a t-shirt.


Students travel on foot to school. Some students walk for two hours each way to school. If we can provide them with a set of uniform and a school bag, it will make schooling easier for them.  

Itemised list:

203 sets of uniforms and school bags for Ramchandra Basic School at Betrawoti, Nuwakot

22 sets of uniforms and school bags for Sundary Keurani Higher Secondary School at Gerkhu, Nuwakot

The total for 225 pair of tracksuits is NPR 313,500

Small size - NPR1,205 x 130 students = NPR 156,650

Medium size - NPR 1,550 x  63 students = NPR 97,650

Large size - NPR1,850 x  32 students = NPR 59,200

The total for 225 school bags is NPR 150,750

NPR 670 per school bag (NPR 650 school bag + NPR 20 school logo embroidery, to prevent reselling)

Transport (roundtrip Kathmandu - Nuwakot) = NPR 18000

To cover bank and SimplyGiving transfer fees (estimated) = MYR 400

Grand Total = USD 4437 (NPR 482,250‬ + MYR 400)

*This is a personal initiative, it is not affiliated with any non-for-profit and for-profit organisation. Donors will receive a report upon completion of the project.

**If you’d like to transfer the funds to me directly, please email [email protected]


The prices of these items may increase if businesses raise prices.


1. Will the donors receive a project report?

Yes, I will prepare a project report and every donor will receive a report of this fundraiser.

2. Why we source from local suppliers?

We will buy school bags and tracksuits from local suppliers as it will extend the benefits further into the community, the cost is lower than shipping by air from Malaysia to Nepal and to reduce carbon footprints.

*Given our proven track record of success in our previous fundraising projects, we will maximise service with your donation and ensure every dollar you donate goes to the cause.

With love and respect,

June Moh

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