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Conquer 100km to Make A Child Smile Today

  • 07/04/2019 - 31/10/2019
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 12,000

About Event

Hey! I am Jerry Song, a fresh medical graduate of University Malaya and also the founder of MACST (Make A Child Smile Today)! I will be challenging TMBT(Borneo) 100km ultra trail marathon to raise funds for MACST to achieve their objectives in various meaningful community projects. 

MACST is a society founded by a group of UM medical students in September 2017. This society aims to reach out and motivate children across the country, through events and awareness projects, held both inside and outside of the hospital. MACST runs under the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, with the current head of UMMC Pediatrics’ Department as our advisor.

Main objectives of MACST:
•          To light up the candle of happiness for ill children
•          To create a fear-free and stress-free environment for the children warded in University Malaya Medical Centre. 
•          To raise fund for ill paediatric patients who require financial support in terms of medical treatment and nutrition. 
•          To organize awareness projects and health-screening activities for children in rural areas. 

For more info about these projects, please visit MACST facebook page and beep us through messenger there!

I would like to raise RM12,000 for the challenge. And the donation will be invested in three main projects of MACST which are:

1. A day in Wonderland
A Day in Wonderland has been our annual event for 2 consecutive years which aims to create fear and stress-free environment in the Paediatric wards in University Malaya Medical Centre and to fulfil wishes of the children with the terminal ill disease. A carnival party was thrown for the children in the ward (Disney and Superheroes characters going around the ward to perform and give out presents, flash-mob and simple sandwich buffet, games and activities were carefully planned for the children to participate). Our event has brought bright smiles on each and every sick child and we hope we can continue to do so. Happy children, happy parents, happy us!

2. Together Our Unity Can Heal (T.O.U.C.H.) Project
A collaborative project with Malaysia Rare Genetic Disorder Society to create and promote public awareness concerning the rare genetic diseases in Malaysia, and hence normalize the rare disorders in Malaysia, to assist the participants and their family by attracting any form of aid from the public and to connect those who require special needs with the community, thus creating a positive impact on society. We work to produce and design short videos, featuring the lives and difficulties faced and the aspirations by the participants and their families. Subsequently, the MRDS will promote the end product (the video) to the public. This project will be educating and promoting awareness about Rare Genetic Disorders among the public in order to achieve the normalization of the diversity of the human conditions in Malaysia.

. Orphan Buddy Project
This project aims to assist orphans’ to find their purpose and passion in life, subsequently guide them in pursuing their passion. At the same time, the fund raised will be used for educational projects to allow early career exposure to orphans. We hope to create a long term buddy-like relationship between orphans and University Malaya students.

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