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The Shelter Project

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The Shelter Project is a positive "Temporary Home" solution to support communities displaced by Natural Disasters. Our launch will focus on those affected by the July, 2018 Lombok Earthquake. Our project plan, design and material selection is based on several key factors listed & aims to last a minimum of 2 years. Each house will be fitted with electrical wiring, a rainwater collection system (pipes & tank) a water filter and an easy-to-clean floor lining. 

Should this first phase of The Shelter Project in Lombok achieve success, the team hopes to continue to build countless more houses for those in need on a local & global scale. Throughout the project, we expect our structures to continue to evolve & improve whilst maintaining the same ethos and budget.

Location : Dusun Kopang, Desa Medana, Kecamatan Tanjung, Kabupaten Lombok Utara
USD $ 700 per home 
(This price includes all administration and construction fees) 
  • Working with local leaders & builders within their own villages
  • Application of local resources & knowledge
  • Adaptable plans that can be personalised based on availability of local material
  • Mostly natural materials & reusable synthetic products
  • A design that is able to withstand movement in the event of another Earthquake
  • Raised floorboards to prepare for floods & avoid rodents
  • Emergency lighting & simple efficient electrical fittings
  • Ventilation & mosquito protection
  • Privacy & adequate room
  • UV resistant, simple to install roofing
  • Water catchment (via roof) & manual filtration system
  • Cost & time efficient
  • Culturally respectful and acceptable

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    I heard you speak at the future design festival and was so impressed am moved by your work.

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    Audrey - you're an angel. Good luck with your fundraising this evening. G

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    Thank you for all of the incredible work you are doing in Lombok. With Love, The Wylde

    AUD 120 20/03/2019

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    keep changing the world

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