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House of Joy (HOJ) is a privately owned non-profit welfare organisation, established since  August 1992 that administers shelter, care and training for orphans, children & teens who are underprivileged, delinquent and weak, children who have formerly suffered abuse, neglect, children who are helpless & poor .Besides children’s homes, it also provides shelter and care for  elderly people who have become destitute , mentally-challenged & weak  and young adults who are mentally weak and slow in learning.
HOJ has 125 residents  ( 55 children/15 slow learners/55 oldfolks/ others). Children age from infants to 18 years above. There are 8 residential homes (Children & Old Folks)  &  5 trainning Centres (Academy, Home School, TSR Programs). 
Locations: Puchong( Tmn Kinrara, Tmn Pak Siong, Tmn Tenaga, Tmn Puchong Mas), Jinjang, Semenyih(JOY GARDEN), Sri Kembangan, Karak, Seremban. House of  Joy was founded by the late Rev. Tang Chee Sing and his wife Lee Ching Mun, in August 1992. The main home at Taman Tenaga, Puchong was burnt down in a fire on 30 December 2011. Reconstruction of the main home is pending while the children are housed at various residential houses in Puchong areas.

"Giving Back With Music" is an annual social project initiated by my 13 year old daughter Isabelle Sisoski and I with the aim of partnering with my music students and other children and their parents to benefit and enrich the children of HOJ who have in the course of their young lives gone through so much pain and suffering either through abuse, neglect, abandonment, family tragedies or death of their parents.
We are appealing to your generosity to help the children of HOJ through your kind donation to help fund the purchase of musical instruments: 1 keyboard, 2 guitars, 2 ukuleles, 2 microphone, 1 basic drum set and a speaker set. Volunteer music teachers will be arranged to teach the children of HOJ once musical instruments are purchased. This would help bring some measure of comfort, emotional support and enrichment to the children of HOJ who have gone through so much unbelievable pain and trauma at such young age.

"Giving Back With Music" is part of "Be Kind Project"
that was started by Isabelle Sisoski Chan since 2015.
2015 -  “Food From Trash”
2016 - "Snowman For Charity Project" to benefit Grace Home, Klang, Selangor
2017 - "Urban Gardening Fund" to benefit fire/burn survivor  Elizabeth Elida Edward, Kuching, Sarawak
2019 - "Giving Back With Music" to benefit House Of Joy, Puchong, Selangor  

总共有8间住宅(孤儿院及老人院)5个训练中心 。
浦种有3家,增江,士毛月,Sri kembangan, 加叻,芙蓉。
1992年八月已故邓志升与妻子李清敏成立了欢乐之家。30.12 .2011一场无情的大火毁坏了位于浦种的主要中心。在等待家园重建的当儿,他们被安顿在浦种不同的住所。

“音乐回馈”是我及13岁的女儿   Isabelle Sisoski Chan 所发起,并与我的音乐学生及他们的家长一起合作的义工活动。

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