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Pit Stop Community Cafe

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Pit Stop Community Cafe

The Pit Stop Community Cafe was set up with three objectives: 

1. To Build - A platform for groups and individuals who want to give back to the society but have little to no knowledge on how to do so

2. To Reach Out - And assist members of marginalised communities through food, essential services and training with the ultimate aim of reintegration into conventional society, should they so choose. 

3. To Minimise - Food waste through food rescue, redistribution and repurposing. 

To this end, we serve dinner to between 150 to 250 individuals daily (except Tuesdays), from 5.30pm to 7.00pm, or until food is finished without limiting the number of portions.  

To date, we average 4,204 people and 6,723 portions of food served monthly. For the year ending 2017, we served a total of 50,450 people and dished out 80,685 portions of food. 

Through our food rescue efforts, we currently save an average of 2.5tonnes to 5 tonnes of food per month, and this amount is growing. The food is either repurposed for dinner service or redistributed to food banks such as the Food Aid Foundation, Kechara Soup Kitchen and organisations/shelters/schools in need as well as individual households in need. 

Our current programs include: 

1. The Pit Stop daily dinner service, which averages RM1,900 daily. Please do visit our funding appeal page to contribute. 

2. The Pit Stop Culinary Arts Program, where youths between the ages of 15 and 39 are given skills training in the kitchen and upon completion of the training, internships and job placements in some of the most notable cafes and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, enabling them to break out of the cycle of poverty. Depending on the length of time of training, each student's training - which includes food and accommodation - can cost between RM9,000 to RM40,000. 

3. The Pit Stop Food Rescue Program - Each day, Malaysians waste up to 15,000 tonnes of food, of which 3,000 tonnes are still edible. These food only need to be redistributed or repurposed. However, food rescue comes with its own costs in terms of logistics, fuel and storage costs. While the benefits generally outweigh the costs, we need your support to continue rescuing and redistributing food. 

4. FTN Food Futures - The Pit Stop supports Feeding the Needy (FTN), a mobile Soup Kitchen that runs every Thursday out of Chow Kit, an area with one of the highest concentration of KL's homeless and urban poor communities with 100 packs of cooked food and 80 packs of porridge every month. Each pack of food costs RM6.50 and each pack of porridge costs RM3.50 and we would like to continue supporting this soup kitchen with your help. 

As part of our efforts to be as self sustainable as possible, we also sell food such as jams, curd, condiments and other items either made from rescued food or by individuals in need of income to sustain themselves. We also provide catering services. Please do visit our website or Facebook page for more information. 

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