I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

My Story

I have a dream. A dream to donate my birthday ..... but I was too shy to do it and years just passed by.

August is my birthday month. For this year's birthday, I want to be Earth Angel for Pitstop Community Café, a community café in KL to feed homelessness, urban poverty and hunger.

Would you like to join me? Any amount helps to put food on table.


Sawleng, August 2019

Recent Donors

  • Wendy Ho

    Hope this small token will help the needful.

    MYR 75 09/05/2019 05:55:05 AM UTC

  • Sw

    MYR 150 09/04/2019 01:49:35 AM UTC

  • No Name

    MYR 50 09/03/2019 08:48:15 AM UTC

  • David Hah

    Hi Saw Leng, happy 18th birthday ya. Be happy always.

    MYR 150 08/31/2019 03:25:19 PM UTC

  • Soh Buay Lim

    MYR 50 08/30/2019 11:18:52 AM UTC

  • Lian Wah Ong

    A meaningful birthday

    MYR 100 08/27/2019 01:10:54 PM UTC

  • Kim Win Chang

    Happy birthday Saw Leng❤️. It is a meaningful birthday this year🌹🎂

    MYR 100 08/27/2019 05:34:59 AM UTC

  • Loo Keen Hoe

    MYR 100 08/27/2019 02:36:35 AM UTC

  • Jestine Yong

    Have a happy and blessed birthday.

    MYR 100 08/27/2019 01:11:58 AM UTC

  • Kenneth Low

    MYR 183 08/27/2019 12:19:37 AM UTC

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