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Charity should begin from anywhere and anyone ! RM10 for a meal is norm to us. For the urban poor and homeless , having a meal a day is a blessing.Recently , I  have sign up to volunteer at the Pit Stop Cafe - twice a month- every Thursday. Having to prepare the food for dinner and opportunity to serve these marginalized communities through food. It's a blessing to me being able to give back to the community.

I would like to raise fund to sponsor the dinner services  for the days i am volunteering at the cafe , 14th June and 21st June 2018.
Friends , i would like to ask for your donation to offer warm, nourishing meals to at least 190 pax /dinner meal/2 day

** For those who are new to the site . FYI When you donate the $$ will bank into the Cafe account directly , Its not to my personal account.

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  • Rolando P

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    MYR 100 05/29/2018 03:09:51 PM UTC

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    MYR 150 05/29/2018 07:11:54 AM UTC

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    MYR 200 05/25/2018 01:05:26 AM UTC

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