Justice Centre Hong Kong

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Justice Centre Hong Kong

Justice Centre Hong Kong provides free, specialized, legal and psychological services to asylum seekers, refugees, victims of forced labour, survivors of torture and human trafficking.

We envision Hong Kong as a fair and inclusive society where even the most marginalised enjoy fundamental rights and access to justice. Justice Centre Hong Kong has assisted over ​1 in 3​ of the asylum seekers who have been accepted in Hong Kong.

 We strive to strengthen the rule of law in Hong Kong by helping our clients to access their rights through specialised legal and psychosocial support, policy, advocacy and research.

Justice Centre Hong Kong advocates for legislative and policy change, using our own research, citing peer-reviewed reports and publications, including working in close coordination with the Universal Periodic Review coalition to reform policy in Hong Kong.

We advocate with and for our clients, to bring their voices into public debate. We work with the media and civil society to fight root causes to change systems and minds in Hong Kong.


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