We are three friends joining forces to raise money for Justice Centre Hong Kong. Donate to support Justice Centre's social welfare programmes, such as working to secure work permits for clients or organising food distribution programmes!

My Story

We (Caroline, Jin Young and Becky) are three friends who are passionate about supporting marginalized communities in Hong Kong. We are banding together to raise funds to support Justice Centre's social welfare programmes, including securing work permits for clients or organizing a food distribution programme. 

In Hong Kong, each refugee is given only HK$1,200 per month for food in the form of supermarket vouchers – that's only $40 a day. In an expensive city like Hong Kong, this can be extremely challenging and so we wanted to both understand and raise awareness about the real experiences and challenges that refugees face on a daily basis. 

We are hoping to reach a fundraising goal of HKD$5,000 (approx. CAD$800). We hope that with your sponsorship, we can reach this goal!

If we can raise HKD$1,000 we will all live off $40/day for three days. This will allow an interpreter to help give legal support to a refugee in their own language. 

If we can raise HKD$3,000, Caroline will live off $40/day for five days. This amount will provide one month of fresh fruits and vegetables for a group of refugees at Justice Centre's food kitchen. 

To get things started, Caroline will be donating HKD$300.00 which is the approximate difference of what she would normally spend on groceries, over five days (approx. $100/day). 

We will also document our efforts by photographs and videos, so you can follow along and see what we eat each day. 

Thank you in advance for all your support and for donating to help refugees in Hong Kong access the social welfare resources they need. 

To learn more about the Hungry for Change challenge, please visit: #HungryForChange (

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    Well done y’all!

    USD 50 10/23/2021 02:01:10 AM UTC

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