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My Story

After a one-year hiatus, I am once again performing a moderately challenging physical feat for charity.

On Sunday, 24 October, I will be running the Hong Kong (half) marathon to raise funds for Justice Centre Hong Kong.

With all that has, and is, going on in the world, it's easy to overlook a small NGO that supports refugees in Hong Kong. But for over a decade, Justice Centre has been the only NGO that provides comprehensive legal support for refugees and asylum seekers in the city, as they navigate an asylum system that has a success rate of less than 1%. As they do so, refugees in the city subsist on a food allowance of HK$30 per day, and a rental allowance of HK$1,500 per month - in a city where the average rent is around HK$20,000. Despite these obstacles and more, over one-third of all asylum seekers in Hong Kong whose claims have been successful have been supported by Justice Centre.

A donation of just HK$ 60 pays for a transportation allowance to allow a refugee to access Justice Centre's services.

HK$ 500 covers two hours of interpretation so that a refugee can access legal support.

HK$ 1000 allows a survivor of torture and other traumatic experiences to access psychological support.

I was only given 5 weeks' advance notice of my registration, but I'm sure I should be fine to do a half marathon with maybe 2-3 brief warm up jogs beforehand. I am also confident that my usual pre-race hydration regimen of mostly margaritas will give me the edge I need to succeed.

Recent Donors

  • charlotte

    Lets go Jojo!

    HKD 200 10/05/2021 11:25:42 AM UTC

  • Andy Snedz

    "One MF going crazy with 13.1 miles and runnin'". Eric L Wright

    GBP 30 10/05/2021 07:20:26 AM UTC

  • Danette

    Since you bought new shoes you better beat your PB

    HKD 100 09/24/2021 07:11:12 AM UTC



    AUD 100 09/18/2021 12:19:46 AM UTC

  • Penelope Pengilley

    Run well Joey

    HKD 500 09/16/2021 12:58:29 PM UTC

  • Sitthivet Santikarn

    Run Joey run

    HKD 500 09/16/2021 03:43:41 AM UTC

  • Alex Purdue

    HKD 500 09/16/2021 01:25:20 AM UTC

  • Susan Chan

    Good luck, Joey.

    HKD 500 09/15/2021 10:41:08 AM UTC

  • Asada Harinsuit

    HKD 500 09/15/2021 05:34:36 AM UTC

  • Suksan Suksangium

    Go for it Joey!!!

    HKD 250 09/15/2021 04:33:21 AM UTC

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