NFO - New Futures Organisation

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Raised So Far USD 14,533

NFO - New Futures Organisation

NFO is a small NGO based in the town of Takeo, in rural Cambodia.

We operate a small network of three rural schools which bring  education to children in remote villages who are unable to attend regular classes or simply can't afford these classes. 

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic we have not been able to run our usual volunteer programme and other funding streams have become more difficult to obtain. We need your help to fund our running costs which are currently at $1200 per month.  This amount will help us to maintain the three schools we are keeping open.  To cut costs we have needed to close three schools.  Our local teachers provide English language education and additional support in maths and Khmer language. Once we get through the pandemic we will re-start the volunteer programme and hope that we will be able to re-build the number of schools we are able to operate.  We want to maintain our schools as a free service to the children in the communities we serve. 

We believe in the positive impact that our educational programs have in the lives of the children we serve. 
We stand by our mission, which states: "Creating pathways out of poverty through education for the youth of Takeo"
Our team is determined to continue our work in the community with your help!

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