I'm trying to make a difference by raising money for a cause extremely close to my heart. Please support me and these children who deserve access to education by donating.

My Story

New Futures Organisation (NFO) is a small NGO based in the town of Takeo in rural Cambodia. NFO ordinarily operates a network of five rural village schools which aim to bring free education to children in remote villages who are unable to attend regular classes or can’t afford these classes. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a lack of funding, NFO has had to shut down two of these schools as they have not been able to come up with the funds to pay their hardworking teachers. 

From my first visit to Cambodia in 2012, I instantly fell in love with the country and the incredible people who call it home. I had the great privilege of volunteering as an English teacher at one of the village schools and since then, I've made two trips back as a volunteer in both 2015 and 2017. A piece of my heart forever resides in Cambodia and they need our help. As an early childhood educator in Canada, I know how important quality education is for a young child. I have been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunities I have had in my life to learn, to discover the world, and to be uplifted by education. These children deserve to have these opportunities. These children deserve to have access to education. New Futures Organisation is committed to the education of impoverished children in these remote villages to give them the best chance to further their education, improve their lives, and build better, brighter futures for themselves and their families. I need your help to ensure that these programs continue.

All funds raised for NFO will go directly to supporting the teachers, children and associated costs of running the village schools including providing all the books that the children need to continue to learn at the NFO village schools.

Your support would mean the world!

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  • Kevlar 2626

    Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re a gem!

    USD 25 01/12/2020

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    USD 50 30/11/2020

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    Thank you Lili for caring and making the lives of children everywhere better!

    USD 150 28/11/2020

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    CAD 36 27/11/2020

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    CAD 36 27/11/2020

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    CAD 100 27/11/2020

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    USD 75 24/11/2020

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