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At the beginning of January 2017, decided to start a project " Mobile Library Takeo" in order to provide books for children, teens, and adults in my area to read for free. It was so hard time to establish this project, hence, I luckily contact to one Italian guy to ask for some books and honestly, he agreed to bring me about 500 story books from his own country. I was so happy to hear that . But most of people here in Cambodia they have very low of English language. So they can not understand the meaning of the books . And then he came to Cambodia in January to help me and started the library together, we bought a motorcycle, cart and some more books from Phnom Penh in Khmer Language. Until now it's been running the project for almost 4 years. And the books we have about 2000 books . I think I really want to have more books to increase the scale of helping children and students to have more information and chances to be a good person in society and the world. From your help we will keep moving and helping others . Last, I wish you will share your love and care for us. Thanks.

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