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Mother's Choice

Mother’s Choice HOPE ANCHORS Charity Challenge

母親的抉擇一直見證著透過希望的力量爲生命得到轉化。 希望猶如穩固的錨,在面對生命的試煉和逆境風浪時,能賦予勇氣成長並帶來治癒 。這也是梁小偉為「母親的抉擇」作出慈善長跑的原因,過去他正是通過跑步為他帶來希望,幫助他從 2009 年一夜變盲而墮進抑鬱中,恢復過來。

Mother’s Choice sees lives transformed through the power of hope. Hope is an anchor that provides the courage to grow and heal through the storms of life’s trials and adversity. This is why Gary is running for Mother’s Choice because it was hope, through running, that brought him out of depression after becoming blind in 2009.

我們很高興地宣佈視障超級跑手梁小偉Gary將於2019年3月25日至4月28日挑戰北京-香港長跑,以作慈善籌款和提高對「母親的抉擇」的服務工作之認識。他將聯同超過35人的領跑員團隊,以北京為出發點,用35 天時間穿過7個省份跑回香港。他的目標是希望藉著是次慈善長跑鼓勵個人以及家庭,在面對生命挑戰時迎難而上。只要懷抱希望,必有可能克服困難並完成自己所超乎想像的!

We are excited to announce that visually-impaired ultra-runner, Gary Siu-wai Leung, will be running from Beijing to Hong Kong to raise funds and awareness of the work of Mother’s Choice. From March 23 to April 28, 2019, Gary and his team of more than 35 guide runners will run through 7 provinces over 35 days. His goal for this charity run is to encourage and empower individuals and families to rise up to life’s many challenges. It is possible to overcome and achieve incredible things when you have HOPE!  

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