Mother's Choice

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Mother's Choice

「母親的抉擇」是一間本地慈善團體,服務香港眾多沒有家庭的孩子和意外懷孕少女。我們與社會攜手為弱勢少女和嬰孩燃點希望、改寫生命。我們提供六項服務給嬰幼兒,青少年及家庭, 為求達到我們「每個孩子都擁有關愛的家」的遠景。

Mother's Choice is a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. We join hands with our community to give hope and change the life stories of vulnerable girls and babies. We provide six services to children, youth, and families in Hong Kong, all united with the goal of seeing every child in a loving family.





When a child without a family comes to us, we provide high quality, loving, temporary care with early intervention therapy and support through our Child Care Home, Project Bridge, or Foster Care Services. We are a voice for every child to be in a safe, loving, and permanent family as soon as possible. We believe that every child is special and deserves to be in a family every family is unique and it is love, not just blood, that defines a family; and, that it takes a village to raise a child.




When a young girl facing a crisis pregnancy comes to our Pregnant Girls Services, we love and welcome her without judgement, provide information to show her that she has choices, build a supportive network around her, and give her hope to face her future. Our Community Education team also helps to prevent teenage pregnancy by delivering comprehensive sexuality education workshops to at-risk youth.


我們致力於幫助建立更穩健的家庭,為父母提供育兒道路上所需的社區支援。我們透過寄養及領養服務部,為寄養及領養家庭舉辦工作坊、培訓和聚會。我們亦透過懷孕少女及兒童服務部及相關兒童服務, 識別面對困境的原生家庭,為他們提供全護的關愛支援。


We help to build stronger families by providing the support and community needed in the lifelong journey of parenting. We run workshops, trainings, and reunions for foster and adoptive families through our Foster Care Services and Adoption Services, and we also identify and wrap around struggling birth families through our Pregnant Girls Services and services for children.




We do not just want to be there at a point of crisis for vulnerable children, youth, and families, we want to be a catalyst to see generational change in our community! Our Community Education team educates and mobilizes our community to become champions for children. From sexuality education, child protection, and legal training – we help to equip those in the community who work with children, youth, and families with practical knowledge and skills to bring lasting change

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