Wizard Financial Group fully supports the pioneering long run from Beijing to HK challenge of Mr Gary Leung to raise fund for Mother’s Choice 智者理財全力支持Gary Leung由北京至香港長跑創舉為「母親的抉擇」籌款

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We are working in the same Wealth Management team established since 1983. We work hard, play hard and serve hard our community. This year, we partnered with Mr Gary Leung, the blind marathon record breaker in HK, who will take the long run challenge from Beijing back to HK during 25 March to 28 April to raise fund for the loving organization Mother’s Choice. Our colleagues will take turns to be the guide runners and supporters during the 35 days course. We cordially invite every one of you to support this meaningful run by clicking the below donation button generously.  Your every dollar will help changing the lives of children and girls in need.  

我們來自同一個於1983成立的財富管理團隊,我們專注認真工作及盡情玩樂之餘,也致力服務社群。 今年,我們伙拍了香港視障馬拉松紀錄保持者梁小偉先生,他將於3月25日至4月28日挑戰由北京跑回香港的創舉,為這充滿愛的機構「母親的抉擇」籌務營運經費。在35天的路程中,同事們將輪流充當領跑員及支援者的角色。我們誠邀你們每一位慷慨按下捐款連結,你的一分一毫將改變無助孩子及少女的生命。  

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