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Gibbon Conservation Society

The singing apes need your help to survive extinction. 

Gibbon Conservation Society works to conserve and protect gibbons in Malaysia, but we can't do it alone. Since the beginning of our first project in 2013, GCS has relied mainly on the generous support of public donations to keep us and our projects running. 

The illegal wildlife trade is still rampant across Malaysia and with more gibbons in need of rescuing, we need your support now more than ever. 

Every day we see more and more primates and other wildlife sold on social media. Gibbons among them. To get one baby gibbon to sell as a pet, traders kill its entire family. Like us, gibbons will fight to the death to protect their loved ones. But not all babies survive this, as they often fall from great heights up in the forest canopies. Traders can't sell a dead baby, so they move on to the next family and the next until they get a live infant. It has been estimated for every gibbon that survives long enough to reach a rehabilitation centre, 200 others have been killed. This is why gibbons are at risk of becoming extinct.

With your support, we can continue to fight against this cruel and illegal trade of gibbons and give the survivors a new chance at life. 

Our rehabilitation projects Malaya GReP (in Raub, Pahang) and Borneo GReP (in Kota Belud, Sabah) take in these victims of the illegal trade, deforestation, bushmeat and other human-wildlife conflicts and helps them relearn their natural instincts so that they can be released back to the wild.  We do our best to approach gibbon conservation from every possible angle.  We actively fight against the wildlife trade, conduct many outreach and awareness campaigns, conduct scientific research, work closely with the local and indigenous communities, empower youth to play a role in conservation, change policy and more.

There are many costs associated with running GCS, particularly our rehabilitation projects. Monthly operational funds are over RM 40 000.00. This includes day-to-day care for the gibbons and guard dogs, salaries (including our indigenous teammates), centre rental, maintenance and more. 

This is where you come in! All of our amazing supporters and donors keep the Gibbons healthy and well fed. They keep GCS going! No matter how large or small the donation, every little bit makes a difference and gets the Gibbons one step closer to being released back into the wild. 

As a guide on how the funds can be used, 

MYR 140 – Feeds ONE adult Gibbon for ONE week.

MYR 150 – Replacement of husbandry equipment (rakes, gloves, brushes, brooms etc)

MYR 800 – Feeds our guard dogs for one month.

MYR 1300 -  Feeds TEN gibbons for one week.

MYR 5000 - Covers basic needs for one centre for one month (except salaries)

Apart from Simply Giving, other donation options are: 

1. Via our Maybank account (best for Malaysian donors/those with a local account)

Gibbon Conservation Society
A/N – 562339408187
Swift Code - MBBEMYKL

2. Via Paypal at

3. Symbolically adopt one of our gibbons at

4. Other options for support:

With your donations we can continue to save more gibbons from the illegal wildlife trade and help them go home to the forest. 


Gibbon Conservation Society or GCS, is a Malaysian NGO that was founded in 2013. We believe it is important to approach conservation from every possible angle in order to truly solve the issues faced by our wildlife. That is why we work towards a comprehensive approach that not only tackles rehabilitation and the wildlife trade, but also empowers individuals, collaborates with communities, contributes to scientific research, spreads awareness across the globe and so much more.

Our society is constantly growing and being ‘re-innovated’. In 2013, when founder Mariani Ramli a.k.a Bam was tasked to care for an infant gibbon, a species she knew nothing about, she researched and learned everything she could. She studied international guidelines and consulted with experts form all over the world. She held firm the belief that we must always keep learning, improving and finding new solutions. That mindset is how GCS has established the only internationally accredited rehabilitation centre for gibbons in Malaysia and how it continues to grow and has become a reference for similar projects in other countries.

Bam never planned or expected things to turn out the way they have. She only wanted to help that first infant gibbon and did everything she could to achieve that goal. Today, our society’s motivations remain the same, we only want to do the very best we possibly can to help these endangered animals and so we continuously innovate and find new solutions everyday to make that a reality.

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The Gibbon Rehabilitation Projects are Malaysia’s first small ape rehabilitation centres, with Malaya GReP established in 2013 and Borneo GReP established in 2022. Both GRePs help orphaned captive gibbons and other primates that are victims of the illegal pet trade, bushmeat and other unfortunate situations.

The projects aim to continuously give proper care, nutrition, rehabilitation and re-wilding guidance to as many primates as we can accommodate, so they can reclaim their survival skills and return back into the wild to become a functional part of the natural ecosystem.

In order to return to the wild, gibbons must be both physically and mentally ready, as well as achieve 7 criteria of release according to IUCN guidelines.

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We sincerely thank you for your support.  ❤️




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