Our team is raising fund for GCS to support their current and upcoming projects as they rely largely on public donations. By raising fund for GCS, we intend to help the gibbons in GCS rehabilitation centre with enough food and care alongside with upgrading their rehabilitation centre. We hope that we can all come together as one to help the Gibbons move closer to their goal of being released back into the wild. Please do support by joining our event programs to participate in the fund collection. Even a little donation from you would certainly be beneficial for the gibbons. Let’s together protect our gibbons!

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The Gibbon Conservation Society (GCS) is a non-profit organization that focuses on conservation and rehabilitation of Gibbons. Their goal is to protect Gibbons, other wildlife, and their natural habitat. Their long-term goal is to support the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, which works to rescue, rehabilitate, and release gibbons and other primates rescued from the illegal pet trade. The crew works tirelessly to give the finest possible care for all the Gibbons at the project, and they are in charge of their husbandry and rehabilitation. Each of the gibbons at the facility is at a different level of recuperation and has various demands, with some requiring 24-hour care as the team takes on the role of surrogate mother. Most will require more than five years to develop the essential abilities to be released back into the wild safely. Through this journey, GCS hoping the best for the gibbons to be able to return to their natural habitats in which they belong and resume their roles as primates.

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