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Good Samaritan Home


Imagine your father comes home drunk every night. He takes it out on your mother. He is not interested in you or the family. All he looks forward to is his next fix. As a 3 year old, you are oblivious to what is going on, but it has been a whole day since you last had something to eat or drink. You are hungry and thirsty. You look around for your mother but she is nowhere to be found. What you don’t know is that after the last beating, your mother decided to walk out. She cannot take your father’s beatings any longer and she fears for her life.

Founded in January 1999 by Albert Ong and YM, a pastor and his wife, Good Samaritan Home (GSH) cares for children such as these—who come from families where parents have abandoned them, or where a parent is unable to cope with divorce, or where the child has lost one or both parents.

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