We are raising money to build a new building for an orphanage home to help the unfortunate and orphaned children around Klang Valley. Please support us by donating, God bless!

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Introduction of the Home

Founded in January 1999 by Rev. Albert Ong and his wife, YM Ong, together with a group of committee members, Good Samaritan Home caters to help, nurture and develop orphaned and vulnerable children to become self-sustaining and constructive to the society.

GSH is registered with the Department of Social Welfare Malaysia, our main funding comes from the generosity of the public and organizations. Majority of these needy children come from broken families where they were abandoned, or where a parent is unable to cope with divorce or financial crisis, or where the child has lost one or both of their parents.

As of today, we have 36 children at GSH, consisting of 4 university students, and other children ranges from age 6 months to 24 years old. Besides, there were already 7 graduates from our first batch who have now ventured into different professional industries and have led a successful life, benefitting their communities and giving back to the society.

The mission of GSH is not only to care for the children, but we believe that we care for the most amazing people and the future of our generations. We strive to develop the children to their full potential, to provide the children a future with good education, equipped with opportunities to become a responsible and productive citizen to the society.

Why is this building fund project important to us?

We believe that a well-run orphanage is a nurturing and conducive environment for child care and development. Proper access to shelter, education, life skills provide children with abilities to start building an independent life for themselves and this goes a very long way into transforming these children into a happy and contributing members of our society.

Due to the growing population of these needy children within our community, and our wish has always been wanting to help these children, we are working on an expansion as our current orphanage building is tight with space and could not accommodate more children.

A kind donor has donated half an acre of vacant land located at Aman Perdana, Klang, Selangor, which gave us this opportunity for the expansion that we were praying and hoping for. Since then we had engaged with various architects, contractors and had finalized a building plan which was duly approved by the local Municipal Council in August 2019. The intention is to build 3 large bungalows by 2021 which can house about 150 children.

Where will your donation go?

Our wish therefore is to raise MYR 100,000 to initiate the construction of the new GSH. This will allow us to begin building: -

4 girls' domitory (105sqm2);
2 boys' domitory (48sqm2);
4 dining / living rooms (112sqm2);
10 bedrooms (125sqm2);
20 bathrooms (138sqm2);
6 toilets & utilities rooms (38sqm2);
5 kitchens (70sqm2);
6 study/libraries/offices (166sqm2); and
a courtyard (177sqm2)

As a non-profit organisation, we rely solely on your generosity to help us continue to achieve this goal.

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