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Kabuhayan para sa mga Kababaihan: Help us secure the livelihood of our 21 Tuna fishing communities in Lagonoy Gulf and Mindoro Strait

  • 02/09/2021 - 31/03/2022
  • Philippines
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About Event

Lagonoy Gulf and Mindoro Strait are major fishing grounds for artisanal fishers. WWF-Philippines has been working on two handline yellowfin tuna Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) in these areas since 2011 and has a deep and strong relationship with the local fishing communities.

These communities have been involved in many WWF efforts on sustainable fishing practices, from initiatives to prevent post-harvest losses, to social enterprise development, to important innovations in seafood traceability. They have been true partners for sustainable fisheries, and model communities for responsible fishing practices.

These FIPs are also part of the unit of assessment for Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, and are the first in the Philippines to enter such a process. And last October 19, 2021, the Philippine Tuna Handline Partnership, a fisher organization, with the support of WWF-Philippines, achieved certification to the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) globally recognized standard for sustainable fishing. This is a significant milestone for the Philippines, as our country is considered as a major fishing nation, where small-scale fishing has a massive impact on economy, both for income and employment. This certification means that the tuna from the fishery can now be sold with the blue MSC label, creating new market opportunities for artisanal fishers. While these communities have made significant strides towards sustainable fisheries and reaching big goals, they are still struggling under the effects of extreme weather events, such as typhoons, as well as the disruption of their supply chains due to COVID-19.

In order to support these communities, WWF-Philippines has held a series of training on tuna value-adding and processing. 104 women in Lagonoy Gulf and 120 women in Mindoro Strait have participated in hands-on workshops to learn how to process tuna meat into products such as tuna longganisa, tuna burgers, and tuna nuggets. These trainings are meant to enable women to start their own small businesses and add value to the tuna caught in the area.

However, despite the training, the women have not been able to make use of their new skills because of a lack of equipment and resources to pursue these tuna processing activities. WWF-Philippines proposes the provision of 21 starter kits for each municipality involved in the FIPs (15 in Lagonoy Gulf and 6 in Mindoro Strait). Each starter kit will be comprised of the following items:

1. Utensils

2. Knives

3. Chopping board

4. Frying pan

5. Steamer

6. Measuring spoons & cups

7. Food processor

8. Tongs

9. Butane gas & stove

10. Grammer weighing scale

11. Mixing bowl

12. Aluminum trays

13. Colander

14. Sealer

15. Raw ingredients (e.g. vegetables, fish, seasonings)

Access to the starter kits and management of the Ice Retailing Enterprise will be handled and monitored by the respective Tuna Fishers Association in each area.