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Kim Jongdae, better known by the name Chen, debuted as the main vocalist of one of the biggest K-Pop groups, EXO, in 2012. Apart from the group’s numerous hits like Growl, Overdose, Call Me Baby, and “Love Shot” among others, he has released original soundtrack (OST) songs — notably “Everytime” from Descendants of the Sun and “Best Luck” from It’s Okay, That’s Love — before debuting as a soloist in April 2019 with his first album, April and a Flower. Putting his influence and reach to good use, he has been consistently donating to organizations that would help the underprivileged particularly in his hometown, Siheung City in Gyeonggi province. These include Siheungsi Multicultural Family Support Center; Siheung 1% Fund, a non-profit organization where 1% of sharing can provide hope to the citizens residing in the city of Siheung; and Siheung Women’s Resources Development Center which launched their Youth Meets Entrepreneurship project — looking to assist adults between the ages of 18-39 who are interested in starting their own businesses.

As he is turning 30 (Korean age, international age is 29) on September 21, we from Kim Jongdae Philippines would like to organize a simple way for EXO-Ls and Soongdingies not only from the Philippines but from all over the world to celebrate his upcoming birthday by continuing his good deeds on his behalf.VisionBeing able to provide people the help they need in living comfortably, just like how Chen wants to give comfort to people through his music.

Lagonoy  Gulf in Bicol and  Mindoro  Strait are major fishing grounds for artisanal fishers.  WWF-Philippines has been working on two handline yellowfin tuna Fishery Improvement Projects  (FIPs) in these areas since 2011 and has a deep and strong relationship with the local fishing communities.   These FIPs are also part of the unit of assessment for Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)  certification and are the first in the Philippines to enter such a process. While these communities have made significant strides towards sustainable fisheries, they are still struggling under the effects of extreme weather events, such as typhoons, as well as the disruption of their supply chains due to COVID-19.   In order to support these communities, WWF-Philippines has held a series of training on tuna value-adding and processing. 104 women in Lagonoy Gulf and 120 women in Mindoro Strait have participated in hands-on workshops to learn how to process tuna meat into products such as tuna longganisa,  tuna burgers,  and tuna nuggets.  These trainings are meant to enable women to start their own small businesses and add value to the tuna caught in the area.   However, despite the training, the women have not been able to make use of their new skills because of a lack of equipment and resources to pursue these tuna processing activities. Just as Chen has donated to Siheung Women’s Resources Development Center to assist the youth from his hometown to start businesses, we can also provide the women of Lagonoy Gulf and Mindoro Strait the opportunity to put their training to good use and make a living for their families especially in these time of pandemic. With your donation, WWF-Philippines will be able to provide starter kits to the municipalities involved in the FIPs (15 in Lagonoy Gulf and 6 in Mindoro Strait). Each starter kit will consist of items such as utensils, knives, chopping board, frying pan, steamer, measuring spoons & cups, food processor, tongs, butane gas & stove, weighing scale, mixing bowl, aluminum trays, colander, sealer and raw ingredients (e.g. vegetables, fish, seasonings). 

These are challenging times—but we believe that by working together, we can make a difference for those who work tirelessly to #ChangeTheEnding for us and our planet every day. All around the country, there are Filipinos who dedicate their lives to keeping us and our families well-fed and protected. They are the backbone of our society. Let us give them the quality of life they deserve. Let’s support the lives of those who support ours. As we celebrate Chen’s day, let’s #MakeADaefference.

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