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Missione Possibile Hong Kong

Missione Possibile Hong Kong (MPHK) is a 100% voluntary organization responsible for raising funds to directly support the resourcing, maintenance, and associated costs of our primary and middle school located in a very remote community.

We also source funding for initiatives such as a nutrition programs for our students, enhancing the school environment both in and out of the classrooms, and developing future education opportunities.

In addition, we raise funds for our mobile clinic when there is a specific and urgent need for medicine or equipment.  Our clinic serves some of the most impoverished areas of Phnom Penh and surrounding villages.   Members of our team personally visit the schools to ensure that your money is put to the best use possible.

WE BELIEVE that by changing one life we can change the world.

WE WANT to work to decrease poverty and injustice and that is why we invest in local communities with educational projects, schools and medical care.

WE SUPPORT families and freedom of thought as fundamental rights of every person.

WE DESIRE to prevent neglect, abuse and exploitation of children. 

WE INVEST in the coming generations to improve quality of life of those we come in contact with.         

MPHK is the Asian branch of Missione Possibile, an Italian non-profit organisation which supports projects ensuring fundamental human rights, such as education, adequate medical care and freedom of thought.

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