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My Story

Human are the biggest polluters of the Earth.

For the past decades, we are in the driver’s seat of our own doom. Climate crisis, deforestation, plastic pollution and loss of biodiversity. The Earth is decaying right in front of our eyes. Yes, the best time to plant a tree is yesterday but the second best time is today. There’s still a glimmer of hope for our Mother Earth to recover. It might sound ambitious, but no dream is too big and no good deed is too small. 

Please help ourselves, help this Earth

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  • For Planet

    Please help our planet 🌎

    MYR 30 02/16/2021 07:33:48 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for helping our environment. Keep it up

    MYR 25 02/08/2021 06:50:27 AM UTC

  • Hasan Suhaimi

    MYR 45 02/06/2021 10:27:30 AM UTC

  • Nadia S

    Allah yuftah alaikum 🖤

    MYR 20 01/31/2021 02:49:57 AM UTC

  • fatin ameelia

    MYR 20 01/29/2021 11:44:46 AM UTC

  • nana

    save the turtles xoxo #vscogirl

    MYR 35 01/29/2021 09:51:06 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    “help save our home? sign me in!”

    MYR 10 01/29/2021 03:42:38 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 15 01/28/2021 06:20:48 PM UTC

  • Saidatul Suraya

    Keep up the good deeds love ❤️

    MYR 10 01/28/2021 11:58:18 AM UTC

  • Nur Syazana

    Lets save the earth! 🌎✨

    MYR 20 01/28/2021 07:50:57 AM UTC

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