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I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

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Giving back has always been important to Fizi, Kai and the rest of the team at FIZIWOO. Like the rest of us, the team at FIZIWOO are aware of the unrests and horrific situation the people of Gaza are facing and the peace and serenity we have in Malaysia, cannot be taken for granted.

We are pleased to share our collaboration with a family-led humanitarian initiative called La Familia for Humanity, to help provide displaced families in Gaza with temporary homes through their fundraising campaigns.

A month back we had quite a stock of t-shirts, labelled, and awaiting for some designing to happen. Fast forward to recently when we were informed of this initiative, it occurred to us perhaps this was the reason ! A noble one too.

The design inspiration came from Bella Hadid who is wearing kaffiyeh (the chequered black and white wear around the neck). This is a common scene in Palestine as the keffiyeh is a part of the Palestinian culture and heritage. ‘FIZIWOO’ is spelled in Arabc letters donning the Palestine flag colour.

We hope you are inspired as we are, and will wear this t-shirt as a symbol towards humanity and peace, with pride.

Every little help counts and we hope you can contribute and help us raise awareness on this fundraising campaign. Every little help is important to give Palestinian children and families a hope, a hope to dream and realise that dream.

With the lockdown taking place beginning 1st June 2021, the FIZIWOO T-shirt can only be made by pre-order ONLY. Delivery will be made after this lockdown is lifted. All profit will be donated 100% for this cause. You are more than welcome to donate more, your generosity much appreciated.  

Please order the T-shirt from or contact the Admins from Instagram @fiziwoo and @lfm4humanity



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