"The whole world is shocked by climate change. Amid the pandemic breakdown, we must take the action from the core by cleaning up our environment. To do so, we need your support in championed the ban single-use plastics and ban tonnes of plastic wastes from other countries getting inside of our country. Let's be the changemakers by starting a donation from home!"

My Story

Hi everyone! I'm just a simple young advocate, a fundraiser and an ambassador from GREENPEACE Malaysia, who has a passion and instil high values. An International Relations and law grad who is ambitious to see nature in an original state. 

Are you worried of COVID-19? Ever thought about the bad environment that screws up our life? Are you aware of the air pollution that completely is a silent killer? Do you know that Malaysia considers being the world's waste bin? Do you want your grandchildren seeing the full of plastic wastes in our land continuously in the next 30 years? Me neither.

Generally, most of the developed countries are carrying plastic wastes where it purposely for recycled or further processed to the developing countries or underdeveloped countries. As you know, most of the developed countries have lost their major importer when China started banned most import plastics wastes in January 2018. Malaysia is then taking the lead by importing nearly millions of tonnes between January and July 2018 and currently Malaysia had received more than billions of tonnes.

GREENPEACE MALAYSIA here had already investigated that the international trade system is broken down which is allegedly to regulate the importing and exporting of recyclable plastic wastes globally and these import activities actively jumped into Southeast Asian nations to fill the gap. Currently, criminal actors have abused the inability of legal operators and also, the failure of authorities to cope with the increased imports just to make quick dirty money. We are all getting sick to hear these so often because it already threatens millions of people's health and it creates haze every year.

Fundraised here is aim to:
- making research and reports
- getting rid of plastic wastes by ending the single-use plastics
- pressuring the local authorities
- pressuring the companies
- protecting our forest
- protecting our sea and land
- support our campaign by creating awareness to the public
- making efficient enforcement policies and strengthening the laws
- demanding people's power

This is not race issue neither politics issue but rather is a humanity issue that we as a human, need to educate ourselves by applying our humanity mindset and values
This donation is once in a lifetime to GREENPEACE MALAYSIA ACCOUNT BANK and as long as you can afford to contribute because even RM10 also can transform into good impacts to our environment.
Everybody deserve a clean environment, clean air and a second chance. A pragmatic solution needs to be taken starting from YOU. 

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

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  • Aufaa Irdina

    pray for the world...

    MYR 50 25/03/2020

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    MYR 20 25/03/2020

  • Fatimah Nur Zahra Shamenan

    Make a world better place for you and for me!!

    MYR 100 25/03/2020

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