For my birthday, I am hoping to raise rm5000 (increasing to RM15k @ 1/1/22) to help families affected by the recent floods with cleaning and rebuilding their homes and will be doing this through the Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

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Update: 1 January 2022
Happy New Year! And thank you very much for helping me reach my second target. I hope to raise RM15,000 to help more families affected by the flood.

Update: 24 Dec 2021
Thank you to all the generous donors! I've met my first target of RM5000, and I've decided to increase it to RM10,000. Thank you all for your kind contribution!

Hi my name is Tahlia I am turning 12 on January 3rd, and this year for my birthday, I have decided that i am going to raise money and awareness ( instead of presents from my friends and family) for the unfortunate people who have been affected by the terrible floods here in Malaysia.

On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th December west Malaysia was hit with record rainfall which has left thousands of people initially trapped in their homes or unable to return to them. Many have no food, water and clothing. Especially affected were parts of the Klang Valley.

I am hoping to raise rm5000 to  help these families with cleaning and rebuilding their homes and will be doing this through the Malaysian Red Crescent Society. The rain has stopped, the sun is shining but the aftermath of the floods is still here. Please give generously so we can do our part for our fellow Malaysians.

(Photos above by Malaysian Red Crescent Society)

Recent Donors

  • Jules Edwards

    Happy birthday Tahlia! Well done for raising money for such a needy cause - such a kind girl. Evie and Grace send hugs to you too. Hope to see you soon. Xx

    GBP 25 01/20/2022 06:55:14 PM UTC

  • Tunku Intan Safinaz

    Dearest Tahlia. Thank you for making MRCS the beneficiary of your Birthday wish. Many people will benefit from it! lots of love. Atok...

    MYR 1,500 01/09/2022 04:45:13 AM UTC

  • Pauline Simmons

    MYR 150 01/09/2022 02:09:31 AM UTC

  • Nina R

    Happy Birthday darling Tahlia! So proud of you xox

    MYR 200 01/06/2022 03:01:47 AM UTC

  • Sofia

    Hbd Tahlia 😚 I hope 12 brings the best ! Be proud for making such a positive impact for the people in need 💞 ily <3

    MYR 300 01/05/2022 04:36:46 AM UTC

  • Dilip Shah

    Well done Bachu

    MYR 150 01/03/2022 11:13:56 AM UTC

  • Erum Stefan

    GBP 50 01/03/2022 10:06:01 AM UTC

  • Azfida Aznan

    Well done Tahlia! We’re very proud of you ❤️

    MYR 200 01/03/2022 08:31:21 AM UTC

  • Sarimah Ibrahim

    MYR 200 01/03/2022 04:50:51 AM UTC

  • Yah Shu (Achoo!)

    Happy birthday Tahlia! So proud that you are doing your bit to help out. ❤️

    MYR 200 01/03/2022 02:04:21 AM UTC

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