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We, the staff of All Action Women's Society, want to make a difference by raising money for our Tabung Telenita to ensure optimal counselling services are given to victims of Gender-Based Violence. Please support us by donating.

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Launched on 25th July 2019, Tabung Telenita AWAM was established as a source of funding for women who could not afford administrative fees required for court cases involving domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape. Even with pro-bono lawyers, admin fees are still required at a minimum cost of RM1000 - RM2000.   These funds are also used for AWAM to continue providing support via our helpline, TELENITA. This was especially crucial during the Movement Control Order (MCO) from March 2020 onwards where AWAM saw a high increase of cases of domestic violence and sexual harassment. AWAM also plans to start a helpline that caters specifically to youth very soon. 

The fund is also vital to support the upgrading of TELENITA's phone systems and for the analysis of our TELENITA Database. Statistics from TELENITA are used to inform our advocacy and help to strengthen our fight against gender based violence. Support Tabung Telenita AWAM and help us to help victims stand proud and stay safe from violence.  

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