Thank you for your incredible support! With each donation, we're spreading sweetness and joy throughout our community. Keep the kindness flowing—together, we're making a difference! 🍫💌 #SweetKindness #SpreadJoy #SmallChanges

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"Sweet Kindness" began with a simple idea: small gestures can make a big difference. Inspired by the joy of receiving an unexpected note and treat during a tough time, we started leaving encouraging notes around the community. The positive reactions were heartwarming, proving the power of kindness.

To amplify this impact, we combined chocolates with uplifting notes. With just RM10, donors can help deliver these sweet surprises, spreading happiness and positivity. This campaign is about bringing our community together, one sweet act at a time. Join us in making someone's day brighter with your support!

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    MYR 20 06/05/2024 09:11:03 AM UTC

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    MYR 50 06/03/2024 02:07:55 PM UTC

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    wishing the best for this event 🤍

    MYR 50 05/31/2024 02:47:23 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Our future is bright because of individuals like you both. Please continue this good cause and never stop

    MYR 50 05/31/2024 10:33:16 AM UTC

  • Noor Ainina Syafrina Noor Aizam

    MYR 10 05/30/2024 05:55:36 AM UTC

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    All the best presiDAN & team !!

    MYR 20 05/29/2024 02:42:12 PM UTC

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