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UPDATE 19 July, 2024: THANK YOU to those who have donated already. We are so close! Phase 1 is only 6500thb short! THAT EQUATES TO 13 CAT SPAYS. Can you dig deep to cover the $268AU, $180US, €165, £139 required to secure getting the capped maximum cats spayed on the day, 3rd August?

Update 15 July, 2024 : Your support remains crucial for the cats and dogs that I’m committed to helping, so please keep donating.

Today’s news is transformational for 140 cats & dogs living in the mountainous region of Mae Chaem in northern Thailand where veterinary help simply doesn´t exist.   Your continuing donations are vital to reach the target for the first phase of BEES sterilisation project, which gets my heartfelt support and starts next month.

140 Cats and Dogs Win: With a grant from Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) who understands how critical it is to Spay the animals in these remote mountainous areas to avoid suffering, and with a private donation to support 50 cat spays, BEES in Mae Chaem is ready for Phase 1 starting in early August with a target of 70 dog & 70 cat spays.  This wouldn´t be possible without the expert operational support of Amandine of Hand to Paw Foundation in Chiang Mai. Our gratitude to Amandine, her vet team and our donors is immense. Thank you.

Phase I total is now fully costed at 46,000BAHT: With current donations on this site as of today (16/07/24) and with the SDF grant for the surgery taken into account, we need a further 18,555Baht to reach our initial target for the early August spay day.  

Please dig deep. 🙏🏻

This project total covers 20 female cat spays not funded so far, basic accommodation and vet team transport into the remote region which is a 7 hour round trip from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.  And of course there are other incidentals and overheads which are perhaps less sexy in your eyes than veterinary surgery & treatments, but nevertheless they have to be covered for a successful project.

Thanks to you all, and please help me make this project a success.  🙏🏻

Since the pandemic there has been a massive surge in unwanted litters of puppies and kittens being born in to poverty and/or homelessness and exposed to the dangers us humans present, such as motor vehicle accidents. Why is this happening? Because for 2 years veterinary teams stopped travelling to remote areas, tourism halted (that used to bring international veterinary experts to Thailand) and rural Thailand fell deeper in to poverty. My good friends at BEES lost all their guests and therefore their income, resulting in the pot running dry for funding for sterilisation projects. 
Well, we are back in business, so to speak! The BEES team have worked hard to get mass sterilisation projects back up and running but there are currently no subsidised projects on offer. This is where YOU come in. For just $25AUD you can fund one female cat or dog to be sterilised. Even donating the money for a coffee helps the “kitty”! The veterinary teams can do 100-150 surgeries in a day, but we need the funding to get the go ahead. (UPDATE: STAGE 1 confirmed for August with 140 animals planned)
My personal aim is to assist in funding 400 female cats and dogs in the next 12 months. Together we can do it 

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    In loving memory of Bindi Boy

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    ‘Nuts Off, Ovaries Out’ - Wendy

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