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DID MY Academy Sdn Bhd

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DID MY Academy Sdn Bhd

DID MY Academy is an Accredited Social Enterprise acknowledged by the Government of Malaysia. Our Vision is to See PWDs/OKUs being Included in  Society thru Works of Providing Equal Education, Employment and Economic Enabling Opportunities in collaborations with various Social, Private, Public, Professionals and Education Partnerships. Since our inception we have provided Employment and Economic Enabling trainings to 110 Visually, Physically and Mentally Impaired youths and adults. Renovating on and in partnership with the renown Dialogue Experiential Learning Programs and Exhibitions by Dialogue SE Germany which included Dialogue in the Dark that has been around since 1988, impacted more than 13 million visitors, provided trainings and employment to thousands of PWDs thru its DiD partners located in 24 countries globally.

Our Academy also provides our PWD trainees further Enabling programmes in Call Agent, Urban Farming, Café Barista, Aromatherapy, Online Education Tutor and Coach ,Cooking and Baking and in the Arts and Music in collaborations with other Partners.  In 2016, with the support of Sasbadi Online, the country's largest Education Provider provided sponsored Online tuition aid and coaching to 160 Visually and Hearing Impaired students studying in 11 Special and Mix Public Schools nationwide. In 2018 our learning program was extended to offering Accessible Dance and Music lessons from Sound Beam UK for Children and Youths stricken with Multiple Disabilities.   The Academy not only uses and offers Dialogue in the Dark as an Interaction and Foundation training for the Visually Impaired; the Academy also offers Dialogue Games Interactive Trainings for the Physically Impaired and also hopefully by 2022, Dialogue in Silence Interactive Trainings for the Hearing and Speech Impaired. All of our PWD trainees will undergo a period of 3-6 months of paid Dialogue Interactive Trainings before moving them into the various Entrepreneur Trainings that will upon their graduation provide them the respective Job and/or Entrepreneur Opportunities.

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