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We, the staff of All Action Women's Society, want to make a difference by raising money for our SHARP campaign to help us educate all groups of people, especially marginalized communities, on Sexual Harassment so as to keep them safe. Please support us by donating.

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By contributing to AWAM’s Sexual Harassment Awareness, Redress & Prevention (SHARP) Program, you will allow us to provide these trainings for free to the people who can’t afford them but need them the most. We aim to reach out to pockets of Malaysian society (non-English speaking communities like the Orang Asli estate workers, students in smaller schools). Your funds will pay for materials (posters and etc.) for the communities to use as long as they need it.
Sexual Harassment is one of society’s most dangerous but silent contemporary issue.

It is reported that over one-third of Malaysian women have been sexually harassed with a majority of cases happening out in public spaces. Unfortunately, this is due to the lack of a safe and accountable way of reporting sexual harassment cases. While there are laws in the employment sector that touches on sexual harassment misconduct in the workplace, sadly for everyone else who is not in the workforce (housewives, students and etc.) the limitation of the Penal Code on sexual harassment makes it difficult and expensive for survivors to get justice.

Following KPWKM’s initiative to table a standalone Sexual Harassment Bill, our program will educate the public to take ownership in safeguarding their community that directly supports the Sexual Harassment Bill.  

To date, AWAM has successfully conducted SHARP Workshops with local and international companies, NGOs, and schools. We have spoken on forums on sexual harassment throughout Malaysia as subject matter experts.

AWAM has also just launched our Sexual Harassment Bill Campaign that is not only an awareness campaign on Sexual Harassment but a campaign that we hope will garner tremendous support from the public, local celebrities, university student bodies, etc. that will enable a strong push for the tabling of the Sexual Harassment Bill in parliament this November 2020. 

Please also fill up this petition to push for the tabling of the Sexual Harassment Bill in November 2020!

We will bring this petition to parliament and we need the numbers to show how much our rakyat want and need the Sexual Harassment Act implemented in Malaysia as soon as possible!  

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