I believe each and every students in Malaysia deserves a better education and should provide with equal opportunities. Please support me by donating. As little as RM 1 from you means a lot !

My Story

Projek Anak Malaysia which is one of Charisma Movement's project focuses mainly on bridging the inequality of education in East Malaysia, especially in English and Mathematics.Last month,as many as 40 volunteers went to three schools in Kota Marudu, Sabah (SK Temuno Teringai Darat,SK Tumunda Salimandut and SK Samparita) to conduct educational programs for students.Throughout our project,we witnessed by ourselves the plights facing by the students.Quality education and adequate supplies of stationaries might sound basic to majority of students, but it is not the same case in East Malaysia especially for some rural schools in Sabah.Many bright and talented students are in need of items that facilitate their learning process such as stationeries and laptops.Eventhough,some of them are quite unfortunate,they have a biggest support system which is YOU and ME ! We still can light up their worlds by contributing as much as we could.Help me achieve my fundraising target of RM 800.No matter how big or small amount from you,that's secondary;willingness to donate is what matters !

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