Hai, everyone I am Prasanna Seth attached with Malaysian Aids Foundation as a fundraiser. For me fundraising is something new as I have to approach ‘ strangers ‘ because by nature I am not a dare person but for the sake of children and women especially it has changed me. They need help but can’t voice it out by themselves. Very few people who actually care to lend their voice for these people. Not for me as I care for them especially children as they are our next ‘ hope ‘ and generation. That is why I chose this and with this Organization I fight for children and women who are living with HIV. They are being discriminated and face stigma in their daily lives. Here I am to voice out for them to stop stigma and discrimination . We have to remember HIV doesn’t have to stop you living a long life, happy and fulfilling life.They are HUMANS and do have feelings like us. Shall we together stop them from facing stigma and discrimination ??

My Story

For Wawa  ( not her real name ) a HIV positive single mother , life has taken a turn  for the worse after her diagnosis. The 44 years old mother of 2 boys aged 9 and 6 not only has to grapple with the challenges of being a single parent but also in dealing with her older son who is also HIV positive.She came to know about her status when was tested while she was pregnant with the second. 

She was immediately put on anti-retroviral drugs to prevent transmission to her unborn child and luckily her second child was born free of the virus. Her husband and older son unfortunately were diagnosed as HIV positive too. They finally separated due to pointing fingers of each other. She works two jobs @ working at restaurant in the morning and does house cleaning in the later part of the day just to earn RM 600.00 per month to support her two boys. Being poor and HIV positive is a double blow for the family.

‘ I have to take medication daily and make sure my son does the same.HE IS JUST A CHILD and everyday I think about what I could have done differently to prevent him from being like me. It’s heartbreaking to know that I passed this to him.’😞
Her son is unaware about his condition since Wawa was advised by her Doctors to explained to him as he grows older. Luckily, her son is smart in  studies.

Wawa does receives life - saving HIV medication for free from the Hospital but only for her first line treatment. Wawa developed resistance and she needs second line treatment which is not free at Government Hospital which cost her up to RM 500.00 per month . She admits that at times she felt like giving up as she has to struggle to make ends meet but she perseveres first the sake of her sons. She has no family suppport and often relies on kind hearted neighbours or friends to help her out when things get tough.

Wawa was very much happy when she qualified for the MY LADY ASSISTANCE SCHEME under Malaysian Aids Foundation. The programme gave her a chance to build her skills and financial aid whereby she planned to open up her own business in order to give a better life for her family. Her son too needs second line anti retro viral medications in order for him to survive longer. . 
I believe no one wants to born or asked to be born as HIV positive. 

You and I know they need HELP and SUPPORT in order for them to live just like us. Together WE STOP THE DISCRIMINATION AND GIVE THEM A FUTURE. 


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