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Hey you, I’m joining Summersault’s #Pledge2Tutu challenge and I will be wearing a GREEN TUTU! Yeah, you read that right...! Why? I wanna raise funds for Hospis Malaysia.

I'm doing this because I know what it is like to take care of a sick family member whom everyone else has given up on (including himself). It was so very DIFFICULT! God knows how much of tears I've cried and how many times I ALMOST gave up myself. But I found angels, disguised amongst us as friends and family members. I even met strangers who offered me COMFORT simply because they can.

Now, I'm paying it forward. I REALLY want family members of those with illness to know that I'm with them spiritually and emotionally. Know that HELP is available out there. People do care. Angels do exist.  You just need to hang on and reach out. Help is out there. Hospis Malaysia is one of the few help out there.

And you're wondering what can you do to help? Where do I start? Talk to me. I will point you.
In the mean time, do support me if you can. Come on, when else are you going to see me in a TUTU?

If you made it this far, tell me. I'll buy you coffee OR ice-cream... =) if you Donate here:

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