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My Story

Hi everyone, I’m joining Summersault’s #Pledge2Tutu challenge and I will be wearing a yellow tutu tomorrow to represent Kirstarsh, a home for the disabled , underprivileged children, adults and old folks.

The reason I chose Kirtarsh is because I wanted to show my support for smaller charity organisations and old folks. Help is always required by all organisations, but I think more can be done for those with lesser resources. Lesser resources to organise events, to get media attention and to get help in general. I’ve always had a soft heart towards the elderly because without them, we wouldn’t be here. So we owe to them to take care of the aging population and remind them that they are not forgotten.

So I hope that by wearing this yellow tutu, it will raise a bit of awareness on what Kirtarsh does. I’m just playing a small role in society, support me and donate. Thank you

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